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“Just Doing My Job,” Is No Excuse


Posted on 22 Jun 2019 

Enforcers of inhumane laws and policies that harm defenseless and innocent people attempt to justify their behavior by claiming they “are just doing their jobs.” That the orders come from the top down to them and they are obligated to do what they are told. This can only be justified when the orders do not enact suffering or get someone killed.

Like military soldiers who are ordered to kill opposing forces and police officers also, ordered to kill and jail people under the regulation of the law. Lawyers, judges, doctors and other professions that have another human being’s life in their hands many times follow laws, policies and procedures that call for them to determine a person’s future.

Regardless of who write the laws and who is at the top calling the shots, everyone involved in carrying out those laws that determine another person’s fate, even unto death, are responsible for what happens to that person. The basic truth is people who actually perform the act of the law have an opportunity not to.

Nothing written on paper or in stone says they are forced to perform duties that end in the suffering or death of another human being. There is no excuse. The worse that can happen is they lose their job. And if there is such a thing as penalties of death or suffering for not performing the job, that too, would be inhumane.

What is happening to the children of immigrant families at the borders under the watch of this inhumane administration is a perfect example of the cruelties under the law. Likewise, the killing of innocent Black people by law enforcement under the guise of officers “just doing their jobs,” is another horrific cop out.

The people performing these acts are not innocent and never will be. They will suffer the same fate as those who wrote the laws and are calling the shots. Such enforcement of cruelty is a choice of humanity, not an essential job function. This is a case of hate and cruelty being initiated by a racist administration.

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In the near future a power outage happens across the United States that darkens three quarters of US cities and the majority of rural America. Authorities scramble to find the reason for the black out while rumors and theories are spread from coast the coast.

Contemporary thought would suggest that Black America simply cannot adapt to the rapid industrial logistics of 21st century advancement because of genetic slow-wittedness or simple lethargy, and that 13th generation Black descendants of Africans are a intellectually dulled liability to humanity, ripe for extinction. Keyword in the above statement is why.

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