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As of January 2022, Afromerica will have been in publication for 20 years. We would like to thank our readers and contributors for keeping us in publication.

The staff of Afromerica feel we have proven and accomplished our mission of revealing to the world that the systemic racism that have plagued American society from its inception remains alive today, by design.

From every area of our commentary directory: Community, the Diaspora, Education, Entertainment, Family, Health, Justice, Politics, Religion, Psychologically, Culturally and in any other area of life that gives rise to individual and group freedom, the world can see and have seen, the design by which white America continues to implement a system of racism to maintain a sense of power and privilege for themselves.

Their idea of Democracy is hypocritical at best and they have permanently tainted their so-called concept of equality and the liberty of humanity by way of a false sense of superiority, capitalist greed, and lack of understanding and fear of the other cultures in the world.

From this point we move to explain the result of their sins and crimes against humanity and how this illegitimate country has and will reap the consequences of their actions under a power they have no control over.

Reality Check

  1. People of color should not be concerned about what racists white Americans are doing to them because racists white Americans are destroying themselves. Everything they do to harm us doubles on them. "Behold, I have taken out of thine hand the cup of trembli...but I will put it into the hand of them that afflict thee." Isaiah 51:22, 23.

  2. Critics of Critical Race Theory want pictures of separate water fountains and black children being spray with water hoses by firemen, out of the history books because they say "it is un-American." Therefore, it must be "American" to actually do those things. Here's the article

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