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Reality Check

  1. White America (government, media, racists) are terrorizing Blacks on purpose. It's what they do and have done for the past 400+ years. And they wonder why this country is falling apart. As the racism, murders, and injustice against Blacks continues, so will the desolation of the United States...

  2. The media are profiling the crimes of Black America over the crimes of whites and their push for nationalist supremacy, political corruption and racial terrorism. They are hiding and not reporting on the hate crimes being committed because they are ashamed and projecting their evils onto others...

  3. Raising the minimum wage to meet the cost of living has been slapped down by the wealthy placing the working family right back in the economic funk they were in before the pandemic. Not because of inflation, but because of market manipulation and class warfare. Economist on the payroll of the wealthy...More on that

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