Mon September 25 2023


Some Black Liberation Theology

The Systemic Attack Against Black America is Intensifying

The next move by Black leaders in America must be to the United Nations. This country cannot preach human rights and Democracy to the world if there are no rights or Democracy in its own country...Read More

Either Free Market Capitalism Controls the Economy, or the President Does, which is it?

It is amazing how many stupid, misinformed and gullible people live in this country. People complain about their financial woes, the economy and the cost of living and blindly blame whoever is in the White House at the time...Read More

Romans 13 Says Nothing About the Government

If read in its entirety and understood under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Romans 13 is talking to and about church leadership, not government offices...Read More

Peace from the Afromerica Staff

We want to thank everyone who has supported Afromerica from its start in 2002. It's been 20 years and we still standing despite the many attempts by the adversary to bring us down.

The original mission of Afromerca was to open the eyes of Black America to the reality that systemic racism was still alive in this country, and after 2016, we all see the truth and our mission is accomplished.

We are now transitioning from our traditional pro-Black theme to full-blown Gospel of Liberation Theology. We are convinced that this country is under divine judgment and the plight of Black America and other people of color are under threat from other dark forces, a spiritual wickedness in high places.

I thank God that He has equipped me with the knowledge, power, and tools to fight against the evil forces of wealth and greed and the false Christian Nationalism that is seeking power over the people. Now we are on to the next phase.

So, I'm going over here to Foundation Gospel of Liberation website and continue in spiritual warfare. We advise Black America to believe in God, the Holy Bible, and the power of Jesus Christ because in the last 10 years, He has moved on this country to expose the evil and hypocrisy and is breaking its foundation.

Once again, we at Afromerica thank you for your support and hope we see you at Foundation Gospel. Peace and more power to you.

Always Stay Strong,

Afro Staff
CR Hamilton

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