Afro Times Headlines

  • Prophesy 1: God is Destroying white Supremacy - God exposed all white supremacist under the 2016 election of Trump; Christianity also.

  • Prophesy 2: 2020, something is coming that we have never seen before - COVID 19 and the George Floyd protest.

  • Prophesy 3: Whoever Votes for or Supports Authoritarianism in 2020 will be Destroyed - God gathered them together as in 2 Kings 10:19-21, which came to pass at January 6, 2021.

  • Prophesy 4: 2021, the images of Baal came down in 2 Kings 10:25-27 as did the images of white supremacy in America; confederate monuments and symbols of hate.

  • Prophesy 5: 2022, America has not learned but continue to reject God. He will now cut America off from the His graces as He did Israel in 2 Kings 10:32

  • Reality Check

    1. VA's new governor's first executive order of business was to ban CRT from schools. The fact that CRT does not exist in schools says how delusional parents and politicians really are. They're angrier about their kids feeling guilty about having white privilege than their kids being massacred with an AR-15. Idiots!

    2. The wealthy are taking over this country and silencing the will of the people; institutions in place to protect the people have fallen to the strongarm of this Oligarchy. The media, the justice system, both political parties, and the military, have abandoned Democracy for the rule of a privileged few.

    3. Sanity Podcast