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Nobody Wants to Live with Millions of Donald Trumps


Posted on 18 Jun 2019 

The last few years of this presidency has revealed that a large portion of American citizens are just like Donald Trump. They are closeted racist first, now free to spew hatred; they are mean-spirited, vindictive, spiteful and selfish. Just like their leader.

This is a crowd bent on maintaining white supremacy and bigoted views based on a hypocritical view of Christianity; a distorted sense of justice, and a criminal mentality based on fraud, the get-over mindset, and bullying. They have no sense of decency or humanity and have taken the dark road of perdition.

From the rural communities of the country to the highest offices of government, these people practice authoritarianism in raw form. Oppression, domination, and cheating is the name of their game. Whether it be corporate power over the worker or the policing of innocent citizens, we live in a seriously divided nation state.

“Mr. Trump has never expanded his support beyond the people who elected him — and never really tried. He has remained focused intently on retaining the support of his base to the exclusion of reaching out to those who have opposed him. Whether by inclination or calculation, it is a strategy for a divided era when Americans are less interested in getting along.”

“We’re very divided,” said Michael Kazin, a history professor at Georgetown University and co-editor of Dissent magazine, a left-of-center intellectual journal, “and we’ll learn whether the division is more about Trump or about something deeper in our ideological politics.”

This next election will definitely determine if this form of governing and community relation is here to stay and have become the new normal, or if the people of this country will resist and fight for true freedom and humanity.

No one wants to live with millions of these people where justice and humanity no longer matters; where their lives are ruled by stipulated rules and policies that enforce craziness. If that happens, more people will defend against the craziness and the country will eventually turn toxic and inhumane.

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In the near future a power outage happens across the United States that darkens three quarters of US cities and the majority of rural America. Authorities scramble to find the reason for the black out while rumors and theories are spread from coast the coast.

Contemporary thought would suggest that Black America simply cannot adapt to the rapid industrial logistics of 21st century advancement because of genetic slow-wittedness or simple lethargy, and that 13th generation Black descendants of Africans are a intellectually dulled liability to humanity, ripe for extinction. Keyword in the above statement is why.

Making money at any expense has become the common norm, and cuts across every socioeconomic class, race, and age group. It is an addiction for some and a life-long necessity for others. Earning money by corporate or self-employment is by nature a contribution to the advancement of society so people are taught from their youth the necessity of working and earning a living. But the work/life balance over the past 50 years has been tilted toward the work end, ultimately neglecting the life end of the scale.