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White Supremacist Marches and Rallies will always be Ineffective


Posted on 10 Jun 2019 

The men behind the Ku Klux Klan rallies and Nazi marches are nothing more than cowardly white men with low self-esteem issues. Their agenda amounts to wishful thinking of a pseudo-white supreme world that will never come to fruition simply because the foundation is based on fear of people of color.

The overall objective of white supremacy ideology is to intimidate non-white people and give them the impression that they are less than if they are not white. Furthermore, to spread fear by publicly announcing how much they hate people of color.

When any action is taken, it is usually a violent act with the purpose of killing someone who is not white and to instill fear into those around. The goal of establishing what they believe is a superior race is not to unity the world in harmony and peace or to advance civilization as one, but to dominate others.

It is actually very sad how these people think and how they dream of controlling the world with white power. Being only five percent of the world’s population and coming into existence long after many other civilizations have survived over thousands of years, this group of people remains in a primitive state of mind and cannot seem to get past the hunt and gather stage of humanity.

They are grouped together as a race of people who do not understand civility or peace but by their nature they must project aggressive relations with people who have lived and learned about humanity by the natural means of maturity.

Never fear these primeval beings when they march through city streets wearing ancient garb and mask and carrying sticks and stones and guns; this is as advanced as they have come into humanity and will probably live this way for years to come. Eventually, they will die out or be destroyed by someone who will become sick and tired of their antics.

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In the near future a power outage happens across the United States that darkens three quarters of US cities and the majority of rural America. Authorities scramble to find the reason for the black out while rumors and theories are spread from coast the coast.

Contemporary thought would suggest that Black America simply cannot adapt to the rapid industrial logistics of 21st century advancement because of genetic slow-wittedness or simple lethargy, and that 13th generation Black descendants of Africans are a intellectually dulled liability to humanity, ripe for extinction. Keyword in the above statement is why.

Making money at any expense has become the common norm, and cuts across every socioeconomic class, race, and age group. It is an addiction for some and a life-long necessity for others. Earning money by corporate or self-employment is by nature a contribution to the advancement of society so people are taught from their youth the necessity of working and earning a living. But the work/life balance over the past 50 years has been tilted toward the work end, ultimately neglecting the life end of the scale.