Reality Check

  1. Police officer kills unarmed Black man for no reason. Other officers do the same over the course of years. Black people get fed up; request change, vote, protest, petition politicians and nothing happens. Riots ensue and property is damaged. If the police officers stop murdering innocent Black men, there would be no riots.

  2. Right-wing Trump supporting, neo-nazi, white supremacists on one side of the street armed with AR-15s; self-defending, pro-Black gun owners armed with AR-15s on the other side of the street; local, state police and federal troops armed with military-grade weapons standing between the two. They all look like idiots in Trump's America.

  3. China and many other countries have staved off the virus without the use of a vaccine using the concept of cleanliness, social distancing and mask. Yet the United States needs a vaccine; why? Because western science and medicine is a major force in stabilizing the stock market by keeping people dependent on drugs.

The very foundations on which this country was built are the very same ones in which it will fall; white supremacy and crimes against humanity. Read more

White Europe and America hijacked Christianity and used it as an excuse to plunder nations and commit genocide on millions of indigenous peoples around the world... Read more

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