Reality Check

  1. From the lowest of the income ladder to the highest; in every position of authority to every educational and class status, people who sought the authoritarian rule through government and policy voted for and supported this president. Whoever Votes for or Supports Authoritarianism in 2020 will be Destroyed

  2. Whites cannot help but be racist toward other ethnic groups (Asians, Hispanics, Arabs and Jews), but their racism toward Blacks include a high level of discrimination. This is why Blacks are shut out of the housing, credit and educational markets; because whites do not want Blacks to attain anything of value. The Root of Discrimination is Anchored in Selfishness and Greed

  3. Appointing a Supreme Court Judge to abolish Roe vs. Wade will not solve the problem of abortion. In fact, abortion is only a small part in the diabolical plan of birth and population control, and the evils of child abuse. These evils are the result of a society immersed in sexual promiscuity, lust, and inordinate selfishness. Repentance is needed, not a judge.

The very foundations on which this country was built are the very same ones in which it will fall; white supremacy and crimes against humanity. Read more

White Europe and America hijacked Christianity and used it as an excuse to plunder nations and commit genocide on millions of indigenous peoples around the world... Read more

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  1. America the Not So Beautiful
  2. How 'FREE' became a Dirty Word in Capitalist America
  3. No Amount of Tokenism Will Cover America's Hate
  4. Recognize the Black Men Who Undermine Black Progress
  5. The Chicago Shootings: white America's go to Lie of Deflection
  6. Urban Gun Violence: The Result of Ignorant American Leadership
  7. America's Racism Keeps Getting Stronger; by Design
  8. How the U.S. Became the Most Infected Country in the World
  9. The White Supremacist Dog Whistle to the Media
  10. The Root of Discrimination is Anchored in Selfishness and Greed
  11. Zuckerberg Backs Trump, Trump Backs white Supremacist; therefore, Facebook is white Supremacy
  12. Things Leadership Can Do to Stop the Violence Right Now: But Won't


  1. America the Not So Beautiful
  2. The Divine Breaking of Capitalism and the Hardening of Hearts
  3. Have Faith in the Power and Bow to No Man
  4. The Curse of a One Dimensional Conscious
  5. Time to Realize, white Folks Lack a True Sense of Humanity
  6. The Black Conscious Community Learn from a white, Female Philosopher
  7. Ignorance Knows No Color
  8. What has God done for Black America
  9. The Difference between Truth and Fact
  10. The Population of Soulless People
  11. How White America have Reaped 500-plus years of Cruelty toward People of Color
  12. Honky Ideology: or, Honkyology
  13. There Is Only One Truth
  14. The Existence of God and Authenticity of the Bible


  1. Reasons Why Black Men Have Not Fought Back
  2. We Know the Type of Black Men that Support Trump
  3. The New Black Migration to Blue States
  4. The Era of the Gig Economy and Worker Exploitation
  5. America is about Skin Color, not Ethnicity
  6. A Sane Person's Guide to Socialism
  7. Solutions for the Black Economy
  8. True Black Nationalism: An Alternative to the Civil Rights Movement
  9. Media Propaganda and Killer Cops, Coming Soon to your Community
  10. Taking Back the Black Community
  11. The Internal Colonialism of Blacks: Ghettos and Inner Cities
  12. The Attempt to Dehumanized Black America Using BLM and the LGBT Community
  13. The Hidden House Negro with the Implanted Slave Mentality
  14. Police and White America Can Expect Violent Resistance from the Black Community
  15. Black And Always Black
  16. How the Black Baby-Boomers Compromised the Black Community
  17. Black America Needs a Cultural Revolution

"When you see these white trash cowards on the news lash out at people of color, women, little kids and unarmed black teens, just know that they are only doing so because they lack the courage to go against their real enemy...the wealthy" Read more


  1. Why won't white Folks Just Go Back to Europe?
  2. The World's Greatest Human and Civil Rights Violators
  3. Why the Poor, are Poor
  4. America and Russia are working Together: Here's why
  5. White Folks are the Biggest Hypocrites
  6. Black America can win the Psychological War against White Supremacy
  7. If Whites Want to Segregate, Let'em
  8. White Hate is Revolutionizing the World
  9. Brexit is the Beginning of the Fall of the West
  10. Jesus Spoke Truth to Power
  11. Nationalize Now - White Intellect is dying
  12. God is Destroying White Supremacy
  13. Minorities Will Take America Back from Whites


  1. Do Not Let Bigots Fool You; the Border Crises is America's Own Fault
  2. A Political Back Story for Millennials and Beyond
  3. White America's Claim to Intellectual Superiority Means Nothing Now
  4. The Attack on Black Children Through Special Education
  5. The Black Community, the Lottery, and Education
  6. The Criminalization of Children: For Adult Profit


  1. The Chicago Shootings: white America's go to Lie of Deflection
  2. Imagine: A Time Such As This
  3. Deflecting white Shame onto Black Lives
  4. The News Media Loves the New Tax Bill
  5. A Letter to All NFL, NBA, and other Black Athletes
  6. Unspoken Realities, Untelevised Truths
  7. BABA (Black American Basketball Association)
  8. Black Children and Television: The Social Programming of a Generation
  9. The Truth about the News Media
  10. America's System of things have become a Complete Joke
  11. Put Your Gun Down White Boy and Come to the Coliseum
  12. Please! Cut Your Cable Service!
  13. How the Black Media is Tearing down Black Intellect


  1. No Amount of Tokenism Will Cover America's Hate
  2. Racists Are Mentally Ill; So Why Does the Media Cover Them
  3. White Men are Destroying the Foundation of their Own Country
  4. I'm Sorry white Person, Did You Say Something?
  5. The 2nd Amendment is a Cover for white Fear
  6. As Tax-Payers, the People Deserve Better
  7. Counter Intelligence for Black Liberation: An Agenda for the Next Black Leaders
  8. The Sinister Psychology behind Incarceration
  9. The Power of Positive Black-Esteem
  10. Why Black Men Deny Christ
  11. Black America Must Not Fall to the Dark Side
  12. Whites are not in Power because of their Intelligence
  13. Stop Telling Us the Problem Dammit! We Know the Problem
  14. Snobs, Brats and Racist are Leading this Country
  15. Blacks are hated because we are feared
  16. Discrimination is a Mentally Defective Pathology


  1. Seven Reasons Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them
  2. Where the Hard Core Brothers At!
  3. At 17 He Beat His Mother with a Baseball Bat: Now He's a College Graduate and a Walking Time Bomb
  4. Steps toward Breaking Psychological and Generational Poverty
  5. Government Paternalism Creates Poverty
  6. How a Woman Prepares Herself for a Husband
  7. The Crises of the Black Relationship
  8. The Child Support System is Unnecessary and Illogical
  9. The Definition of a Real Man
  10. Preparing Your Daughter for the Black Male Shortage
  11. How to Raise a Black Man
  12. A Single Mother's Plan for her Black Son
  13. The Government has no Business in Marriage
  14. Reclaiming the Single Black Female


  1. White America is Currently Exploiting a Deeply Deceptive Level of Racism and Genocide
  2. Affordable Health Care is not the Goal, Drugging America is
  3. Fighting Back Against Illness, Disease, and the Pharmaceutical Drug War
  4. Stress Relief Tips for Black Women
  5. Breastfeeding Makes For A More Healthier Child
  6. Death By Fast Food
  7. America's Problems are not real; they are Psychosomatic
  8. Making Better Food Choices; For Us and Our Children
  9. Willful Ignorance Diminishes Understanding
  10. Black Health in White America
  11. The Post Traumatic Race Syndrome of Black America
  12. Little Known Facts about Black Hair Care


  1. This Is the Face of a Neanderthal Murderer and a Huge Part of the Problem
  2. How the U.S.'s War on non-white People is Deepening their Troubles
  3. The Why Behind Reparations
  4. United States Police Departments Will Now Answer to God
  5. Black Power: The Only Acceptable Form of Reparations
  6. Trump-Appointed Judges Are Quietly Designing a New Jim Crow
  7. The Law of the Land is Unjust and the Rule of Law is Selective
  8. Trump Should Be in Jail in 2020, Not on the Presidential Ballot
  9. Drug Addiction is not a Disease; Mass Shootings are not Mental Illness
  10. White-on-white Crime has always Been Higher
  11. Black America has the Moral High Ground over whites, Once Again
  12. The "Feared For My Life" Lie and the Curses that Follow
  13. The Error of U.S. Lawmakers and the Social Police State
  14. The Truth about America's Drug War
  15. Prepare For the Second American Civil War: The Revolution
  16. On the Way to Hell with the Bible in Hand
  17. The Bigot's View of Black Lives Matter
  18. It's Not Just a Job: It's Murder
  19. White Women: The Silent Racist


  1. Zuckerberg Backs Trump, Trump Backs white Supremacist; therefore, Facebook is white Supremacy
  2. Born and Raised by Corporate America: How Capitalism Defiled American Morality and the Family
  3. Have the Sexting Talk to Save Your Child's Life
  4. What is Black Privilege?
  5. White Power (Cowards): Don't Have the Guts to Target their Real Enemy
  6. The Economy is not good, if these things are true
  7. The Myth of Personal Responsibility
  8. Middleman Economics: To All Supervisors and Managers
  9. This is How You Help Somebody
  10. 7 Offenses That Are Sure to Bring Negative Karma on Your Life
  11. The Cowardness of America's Gun Culture
  12. The American Economy, 25 Years Ago
  13. Blacks Learned Feminism, Abortion, Drug Use, and Homosexuality from Whites
  14. There are Three Kinds of White People
  15. Redefining Life for Black America
  16. The Reason for the Rise of Homosexuality
  17. Top 10 Reasons Black Women Cannot Find a Good Man


  1. If Trump Gets a Second Term, this Country Deserves Everything It Gets
  2. The Backlash of the Popular Vote in 2020: Brace for Revolution
  3. The Wealthy are Preparing the Country for a Second Trump Term
  4. Whoever Votes for or Supports Authoritarianism in 2020 will be Destroyed
  5. The Truth about America is Revealed behind this One Headline
  6. The Process of Eliminating the Bill of Rights
  7. Hannity and Limbaugh Exposed for the racist they are, by the devil himself
  8. Your Vote Counts, but it Does Not Matter
  9. A Black Politic: The Foundation of Black Thought, Culture, and Destiny
  10. The Power Grab for a New Industrial Revolution
  11. The Death of American Patriotism
  12. If the Democrats Cared about Democracy, they would secede from the Nation
  13. Trumpies Will Soon Discover: The Wealthy Are the Real Enemy
  14. Republican America: 7 Transitions to a New Conservative Future
  15. Terrorist Won the War on Terror in 2001
  16. Trump Voters are either Ignorant or Racist, or Both
  17. Divide the Child: A Peaceful Solution to America's Internal Conflicts


  1. What if God Takes Responsibility for the Virus?
  2. Nickel Droppers: Witchcraft, Lesbianism, and the Over-Sexuality of Black Women
  3. A Spiritual Breakdown of What Is Happening in America
  4. The Abominations and Hypocrisy of Republican Christianity
  5. The Black Woman is NOT God!
  6. PROPHESY: America is headed for a Tragic Season
  7. Allegiance to Any Entity other than God is Idolatry
  8. In Due Time, America Will Denounce Christianity
  9. The Rise of Atheism in the Black Community
  10. Woe unto America! There are no more Warnings
  11. God's Swift Vengeance on Racism and White Supremacy
  12. Half the Country is Immoral, the other half is Godless
  13. How the White Man Stole and Corrupted Christianity
  14. God Never Blessed America
  15. Terrorist Won the War on Terror in 2001
  16. Trump Voters are either Ignorant or Racist, or Both
  17. Divide the Child: A Peaceful Solution to America's Internal Conflicts


  1. Zuckerberg Backs Trump, Trump Backs white Supremacist; therefore, Facebook is white Supremacy
  2. Contact Tracing will turn into Full-Blown Fascist-Racist Nazism
  3. Black America: Be Careful What You Ask For
  4. Guiding Black Children into Powerful, Bright Futures
  5. White America's Fascination with Space and Alien Life
  6. Real Knowledge versus Internet Propaganda: Learn the Difference
  7. The Real Reason there is Fewer Jobs and Less Pay
  8. Cyber Hate Anonymous: How the Internet Revealed the Depths of White Hatred and Racism