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C. Royce Hamilton is an analyst of Sociology in Religious and Social Structure and Organization. After a ten year devotion to the study of and experiences in religious tradition, family structure, and racial assimilation in America, he authored the profoundly enlightening and controversial doctrinal book entitled Contender: A Defense Against False Prophets and Doctrine, in which he explicates how today's modern church has espoused the diminishing cultural values of society.

Schooled in the biblical principles of natural law in areas of humanity, political theory, societal development, and ethnic and gender relations, CR Hamilton speaks for the oppressed against the oppressive. He is originally from the urban west side of Detroit, Michigan, graduated from the Detroit public school system, and afterward traveled to and lived in urban cities of the south, west, and currently eastern part of the nation. Throughout his travels, he has studied the religious, social, and cultural structure of America and is here to report to society what things they should know.

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