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When Caucasian people use the N-Word

When Caucasian people use the N-Word Public


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There is no superior race, only the human race.

When Caucasian people use the N word in its
derogatory form, it is undoubtedly aimed at brown skinned people.

A Black, African, European, Asian Woman's POV. Inspired by hurtful and openly racist remarks by white celebrities.

Video Throw back: In reference to Paula Dean's racial remarks and one of her excuses for using the N word.
She was working at a bank when "a black man came in and put a gun to her head."
What if it had been a white man that held a gun to her head?
Indeed, she could have been a casualty but she was not.

That one incident is nothing compared to putting a noose around a black man's neck and hanging him, or the countless white police officers who shoot and kill unarmed, innocent of any crime black men, like its target practice and get away with it.

Paula had to eat her words. She lost endorsements, publishing deals and the likes. Of course, the American justice system dismissed her case with prejudice. (Over and done, dismissed forever and can never be brought up again.)

In reality doubt for one moment that any high profile white celebrity will lose anything using a racial slur, including the leader we now have in the white house that has made it easier for a racist to continue their ugly, and mean spirited ways.


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