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  Afro Tolerance

Have we learned to tolerate this daunting Bear? - By T. Duffy

B-igots, E-xtremists, A-ctivists, R-adicals

Not those in the woods, since most people have ever or probably will never meet one in the woods. It's the human kind, those who prey on other's with atypical purpose.

Dissecting this bear, it shouldn't be difficult to determine these characteristics are similar. But I feel they're different according to the consequence it could leave on the recipient. An example would be reading about what the Klan would do to you if you're black, compared to actually running into a group on a dark street.

Anyway, we seem to be less intimidated by commentary, since we may have also witnessed confrontations from notable blacks and whites against the most bias media venues. Does it mean the old fighters have given up, or have they learned to be moderate with the concerns from those who often spend their lives trying to keep the populous in combat?

More important, does it mean after we've seen what America is capable of, we should believe the atmosphere of racism has changed? I believe in time it could be something we reflect on, if we could convince those who staff the worst on radio and television to find other ways to make their millions.

Since it's shown this is usually the time when the most determined will try to gain some credence with their negative attacks. But if we can teach whites to see they are user- friendly as a computer and they often suffer as much from spam messages as other so-called minorities, their success could reach an impasse. Until then, this isn't the time to relax.

What we allow to occur in our neighborhood from our own is just as detrimental as what comes from outside of our communities. In many ways we may be more understanding with what comes from others if it's not positive, but we still have to be less accepting from the least considerate of our own, who seem to prefer to do things their way, regardless of the consequences on us or them.

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