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After Obama: Black America Weighs In
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After the election of Barak Obama as the next US President, Afromerica decided to gather the sentiments of the people about this historical day. We sent an email asking the following:


You gotta admit...a Black man in the Whitehouse has moved deep into the spirit of many. What does it mean? Why did it happen, and what comes next?

Afromerica wants you to weigh in on the First so-called Black President. We value your opinion and are planning on publishing the voices of the people.

Please submit your opinion to us.

Send articles to or simply reply to this email with your submission.

Thanks and Stay Strong,
CR Hamilton and the Afromerica Staff


Africans will inherit the earth

Africans will inherit the earth, the age of Picises is over. The Europeans time is up. The purpose of their rulership was to destroy, take the world by deadly force and destroy family, culture, enviroment, the air, earth and rape it of it's natural resources, water, everything they touched they contaminated it.

Our duty as Africans is to bring the world back into balance. Look how President Obama stayed focus and positive and kept his eyes on the prize. With his positive attitude and focus he produced balance. Our purpose will be to bring this chaos into balance. It will take a strong black nation to pull this off.



I am very overwhelmed and pleased

My response to your e-zine I am very overwhelmed and pleased that Obama is in the Whitehouse with a beautiful sister and two beautiful children. I sat up and watched the event and I didn't crawl into bed until 5.30a.m. It was a feel good factor when you think of all the bullshit that Black America and Blacks the world over has had to put with.

We have to give this brother a chance. I know that he is a 32nd Degree Mason and that his father worked for MI6. Let him without sin cast the first stone. I know that America is supposedly falling am I to sit here and curse or bless. I am afterall said and done blessed seed and with that note i'll leave you with YES WE CAN peace.

Sadie Parkes


President-elect Obama

In my opinion he is African(Black), English(White), Cherokee, Irish and from Hawaii. We as African-Americans can claim him in the old slave tradition of one drop of black blood, but actually black slavery is not in his heritage line.

In my opinion he represents a 360 degree transformational figure in world history. Africans are the true beginning of all humankind and the ending, also. Royalty flows in many of us.

The tone is set and we must rise and mother our masses and father our masses and try to bring some natural order of love, peace, extended family connections, beautiful music and also prepare for the true connection of harmony to our Universal Creator to be revealed again, but new to many of us.

Universal Common Sense will be revealed in the near future and in a broader sense of common sense thus driving out the violence. but keeping natural self-defense and restoring balance to humankind's mind, body, and soul.

As in the tradition of the North African state of Ancient Kemetic Egypt there must be a balance between male and female, a equal balance of harmony for the Earth population to survive. The Native Americans knew this balance before their wisdom was oppressed.

It's not machines or nationality, but spirit that will spread over the world either restoring peace or causing destruction. We as the People of Earth have a choice. Will we Black Americans let the pain and oppression of slavery overcome us to the point that we help in the destruction of Earth or will we rise to build a better world and show the world we had in us all along?

The Best Thing for us to do as a people is build a better country and world and say "How you like me now?" We must rise and be better and not seek revenge, let our revenge be happiness and a job well done as the former oppressors looks on in anguish of losing control of our minds.

In the Ancient Tradition of Our Wise Ancestors lets take this moment and make them proud. The responsibility is for everybody not just President-Elect Obama.

African- Americans or Black Americans, we can claim him, but he really belongs to the world as a role model of how an intelligent man who happens to be of color should behave as a world leader of a major nation.

Pray for him and his family, he is setting a precedent on the future of humankind and Black American relations to the world. Once we as people with help and guidance get over the pain of slavery and depression and oppression our beauty will show even more and as we heal, we can help heal the world and begin to restore wisdom to future generations.



President Obama means a lot of things

President Obama means a lot of things to come for open mindness American. One that comes to me is, maybe all or most of the youth that elected him will have a different perspective of life. More reading and more family oriented events together. Every thing else is a plus.



On one end it is good to see

On one end it is good to see so many black people happy because of his election to the office. But on the other end a vast % of black people are very reactionary and are not getting the bigger picture in relation to this election.

I have heard many reactionary type comments coming from black people and a lot of them are way off the base.

To me, the frame of mind where these comments come from a serious slave mind. I would hope as time moves on, that this does not end up being some type of updated slave type trick to set us back even further in this society.

Malcolm X warned us and told us that we needed to get a real serious Pro-Black Nationalist Liberation agenda.

It's real obvious that Obama did not get elected pushing and promoting Black Nationalism.

So I am really wondering what all are black people actually celebrating when it comes to Obama being elected. I think black people need to calm down and get to work and start rebuilding their community, instead of thinking and hoping that just one man Obama is going to make it happen overnight by magic

Signed- Peter D. Slaughter


We must first define what is a Black man

White America has defined what a Black man is over the years through the images it has pushed into the nations mind via their media and their corruption and re-writing of American and world history. We must also understand that for the most part many are simply looking at the complexion of President Elect Obama's skin. Based on this they call him a Black man or accept him as a Black man.

Being a Negro Black American man or woman is quite different than being a so-called African American. President elect is a true African American. A Black African father + a white American mother = African American. He called himself a "mutt", which shows his lack of true understanding of what being Black or a Black man is.

His citizenship for all practical purposes is through his mother and the physical place of his birth. Their are hundreds of thousands if not millions of Negro Black Americans that have a white person in the family tree resulting from the brutal American chattel slave period rapes and modern day intermarriage with Caucasians. However, all are Negro Black Americans and we are not immigrants or the sons and daughters of immigrants. The vast majority of our ancestors were forcibly bought to these shores and the shores of the Caribbean, West Indies, and the countries of Mexico, Central America, and South America. However thousands came as freemen and women or indentured servants not as chattel slaves (this is another point to be carefully noted).

It should be noted that prior to the subprime crash and the Wall Street explosion the Republicans had a comfortable lead. The Democratic win owes more to this factor than anything else.

Obama and the democratic congress and senate will have to be pressured by grassroots organizations, social activists, the Urban League, NAACP and every other organization to do the right thing for poor, unemployed, socially, politicaly and economically disenfranchised Black Americans and all that are suffering. Keep in mind that all you ever heard from President elect was the words - middle class- the poor and poorest of the poor were not mentioned. Only John Edwards used the words poor. So be careful be on guard and turn up the heat. This is the only way to make President elect and the congress and the senate stand up and give the poor a piece of the bailout and the coming rescue packages and stimulus plans the Democrats are talking about.

Unfortunately many White and Black Americans will try to now say there is no need for reparations, there is no need for affirmative actions -- the debt has been paid. Keep in mind also that President elect was not a threat to white america because they saw him as race neutral and he portrayed himself as such. They feel he would not call them to account for past injustices that have real impact on today and will continue to impact for hundreds of years to come. The ability for Negro Black America to amass wealth and pass it on to generations was prevented by the chattle slave system and the Jim Crow laws and the continuing economic, and educational discrimination and oppression. Now we see how the subprime scam has robbed the vast majority of first time Black home owners of their dream.

In terms of international: he is a war monger in the way he speaks and is deepindebtor afraidofthejewlobby this is not good and will keep billions going our to support erroneousforiegnpolicy.

What comes next? There will be major disappoint and hell to pay if the check comes back this time marked insufficient funds. Peace Power & Blessings Stay strong and I will be back atcha!

Ibn Adam


Black President in the White House means

I must admit that...having a so-called Black President in the White House means absolutely nothing to African-Americans if we don't start an economic and spiritual revolution in our own neighborhoods.

Power comes from unity and economics (manufacturing and owning our own products, goods and services) and right now we are in desperate need of both in the inner city neighborhoods. We need some generational wealth that will pass down through generations like Ebony, Walmart, Walgreens and Hilton Hotels.

I am so proud of what this country has done in electing Mr. Obama and if we have a true discussion about our needs and concerns, economics will constantly be in the forefront of the conversation.

Tanya C.



Blacks now have a walking JESUS


BREAKING THE SILENCE: Fulfilling The Promise

From my very serious sister, Marimba. On this historic day, digest slowly please.
by Marimba Ani

Amura Onaa tells us that when our Ancestors were being torn apart from each other, we looked into each other's eyes and made a solemn promise. We promised to reconnect with each other so that this tearing apart would never happen again. It is the Afrikan belief that we are our Ancestors reborn, and through this spiritual rebirth, we gain eternal life.

The promise could only be fulfilled by future generations returning as Afrikans who had made this sacred promise to each other. What our Ancestors suffered over centuries, could only have been survived because they had hope. But what could possibly have given them cause for hope?

If they had not survived and bore children who bore children who bore children, we would not be here. It is the Afrikan belief that we choose to be born when we are in the spirit world, and that we make a contract to fulfill a purpose in this life.

All of this can only mean that we have chosen to be born Afrikan and that we are the hope of our Ancestors. Our purpose on this earth is to avenge our Ancestors and to achieve the victory: Afrikan sovereignty through a Pan-Afrikan world order based on the principles of MAAT. It is our choice to fulfill The Promise to our Ancestors by achieving the victory denied them....[Read more]


Justice in America

What does a black man in Washington means to me? Its enormous because its shows that if one wants to achieve in America you can do it, it means joy to see a black man accomplish such a thing, also it mean an opportunity to be heard by someone who had to climb obstacles like us all to be able to obtain the top despite the racism in this country in which he had to endure, nevertheless Barak and Michele strived hard and accomplished their goals.

He was fortunate to have white folks backing him just like those white abolitionists who helped my ancestor escape slavery. I am honor to see the Obama family in office; it's beautiful to see a black family in the white house. My ancestors are rejoicing in their graves, because their pain and suffering did not go in vain.

I am proud to be a black American, nonetheless I have my skepticism, I have faith that God's will has been done. Its time for black Americans to have their full rights just like white America, for decades and decades we were faced with a disproportion of injustices, disparity and disenfranchisement from everything which included housing, good jobs, health care, and loans so that we could own our own business.

Unfortunately, our forefather were not educated or wealthy enough to give to their children, therefore we were left with nothing to look forward to, were as white America always had due to slave ownership in which they would pass their wealth to there children.

I never understood the logic in these white folks. I never understood how they expected us to survive as human being (in which to them we were three fourth of human) with no means of support and not do what is necessary to get it, somehow I believe it was a plan and now that plan has back fired.

They stole my ancestors and made them build this country but yet we were never entitled to earn a living fairly as a result, nor were we giving a chance as a whole to maintain a life, due to laws and ordinance that were designed to suppress black folks. White folks have been plotting against us since the 1500's - 2008.

Therefore to see a black president prompt unspoken words I am still speechless, because I never believed I would see such a thing in my life time. I am honor to see that my grandchildren had a chance to be apart of a great event, perhaps that will inspire all blacks that know matter how hard it seems you can make it. That today you have an opportunity to be the president of the United States of America.

Betty Curry
Chapel Hill, NC


WELCOME Mr. President Obama

The victory of President Obama is also a victory for mothers and women who live in bi-national marriages and it may not have any allegations harvest.

How often are these white women with black spouses are not humiliated? "They are with him, because of sex, and so on."

No, these women are like everyone else and have their decision for an open and tolerant world love an information item. They are the ones who know exactly what the culture of the partner is. The children of bi-national marriages by Mr. Obama an idol get the courage and wisdom connected, in order to become president today.

It is not only the victory of the black, no; this character should be understood as a new value order in the world. The world needs all his children around him. Just who is ready, on the other halfway shows size.

This white voters have well recognized and your vote where your half-brother.

President Obama embodies the world. The son of a Kenyan, he characterizes his roots in Africa and make Grandma much the hopes that this continent; he also positively influenced his actions. He is the American culture and also the son of a white mom that much for him had done.

His strength, the people to unite for all of us is a great virtue. Like a pop star, he has the heart of his electorate and we will be tripped him our respect and hand him a happy wish.

The world has tired of wars, poverty, and discrimination. The world needs a healing back into itself and we hope that Obama Mr. President, thank you for the smoothing during your term of office will devote.

Where you as fireman rapidly delete them, do not hesitate.

Peace and Love in the World! And we wish it all.

André Ekama
Writer, author of "Black in his white sky"


Peace from this Black Hebrew

First I want to thank now president George Bush for setting the stage for Obama election to the highest office. President Bush handling of the war and economy to the extent that all of us including whites wanted a change and only Obama had a message of Change. Now having a Black Man in the White is very fulfilling but I wonder will it have a major or minor impact on Black People behavior and attitude. Off the top I believe minor changes will take place.

Off all the people, Black, in high offices it has not change in a major way the attitude of our people. We are a people that have no identity and it is obvious when we in the past have accepted name such as blacks, colored, Negros and worst, the N-word. We have become integrated into all facets of other societies and cultures which is a definite sign being lost and without the knowledge of who we are. Once we can remove that stigma only then can we proceed to move toward our destiny.

What come next is if he doesn't pay particular attention to those Negros that needs someone to constantly tell them, "We can", then our conditions will remain the same. Personal responsibility is just that, ours and not the president. His message, the president elect, is to the people and not just Black people. Will we start making positive decisions or will we sit with our hand out looking for a give-a-way.

Marlow, Phil
Peace from this Black Hebrew who discovered his Roots.


The election of Barak Obama

The election of Barak Obama is the continuing of the ascendancy of the African Humanity Consciousness back to its former world greatness. If we look back at humanity, Africans have experienced some of the most cruel and horrific crimes against them in recorded history yet we have come the farthest and the furthest in the shortest period of time than any race, nationality or ethnicity group in world history. The election of Barak as figurehead of the American empire is just another step.

The keys to this for grassroots African intelligentsia will be to truly analyze and dissect the human actions and reactions which brought this about. We must analyze and formulate new and innovative action plans and ways to build our communities and deal with our social, political, economic, spiritual and human development in America, the Diaspora and Mother Africa.

While I do not think that supremacy acts against African people will cease because of Obama, their exposure to the world community can be heighten and recorded. In addition, I see that a heavy involvement in children, youth and students must be a key cornerstone to African empowerment. Obama did show that.

In addition, the use of media, technological advancements, outreach, clear message, and vision served him well. We can learn from it.

The future of African empowerment will be about solutions, about unity consciousness, about knowledge development, about economic development for all about healing from our past to empower our future.

Warren Green


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