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whitecrime (12K)White On White Crime
By Brotherpeacemaker and Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

White on white crime is destroying the very fabric of our nation and producing an entire class of white career criminals. While the media is quick to report every little statistic and/or event relating to the black on black crime phenomenon, the words "white on white crime" are spoken with a frequency of slim to none, and slim disappeared when he was two months old, murdered by his depressed mother, wrapped in plastic, and buried in the backyard.

Day in and day out we see the phenomenon of white crime in the news. A schizophrenic white mother kills her children because she thought that Jesus was talking to her through the can opener telling her she had to do it in order for them to make it to heaven. White kids arm themselves to the hilt with shotguns, assault rifles, and pistols in order to kill as many people as possible as part of their school project before they commit suicide.

A couple of white guys who have spent a major portion of their lives in and out of jail are released and go to a posh neighborhood, murders a doctor's wife and their two daughters and then sets the home on fire. A man holes himself up in a church one Sunday morning and starts trying to take out people who come to worship before being taken out by snipers. A white woman breaks into a home of the couple that adopts the baby that she surrendered to Child Protective Services. A wrestler murders his family before committing suicide himself. White people are too absorbed playing video games to feed their children.

A white woman leaves her baby to die in the car left if the sun with the windows rolled tight because she wanted to get her hair done. White pedophiles attack little white children. White teachers have affairs with their ten year old students. Catholic ministers are assaulting their young parishioners. A white man commits treason and outs an American spy in order to score political points. All of these are instances of the always overlooked phenomenon of white on white crime.

abuse (24K)Day after day our news bombards us with instances of crimes that receive local and national attention. Because white people in America are the dominating race rarely is the word white or European made in reference to a Caucasian that is the subject of a story. The anonymity of being the default keeps the fact that the phenomenon of white people committing crime as little more than a perchance event. Little stigma about their community as a whole is based on their individual actions.

White people are given the benefit of the doubt that they are of good character and their integrity is above reproach unless or until proven otherwise. For many white people, even when they are proven to be of less than honorable character, people are still reluctant to perceive the criminal as a criminal. However, when the subject of the story is African, Hispanic, or some other ethnicity, the leap to the status of criminal is one very quick, short hop.

Indeed, many white people pay absolutely no attention to crime or other manifestations of less than decent behavior in their neighborhood until someone of another race arrives on the scene. Crime is a natural characteristic of people of color. In fact, William Bennett, who was the education secretary under Ronald Reagan, the drug czar under George Bush Sr. and a staunch Republican conservative, used his radio show to make the suggestion that if people wanted to reduce crime they could abort every black baby in the United States.

However, although it might be reprehensible to some people and totally impossible to pull off, if one was truly interested in reducing crime to an even lower level here in the United States, all one has to do is abort every white baby and exterminate every white man and woman. But to seriously make such a suggestion invites ridicule, hatred, and possibly invoke the ire of some latent white criminals.

priestabuse (7K)The white criminal mindset needs to quit hiding behind its generic veil of anonymity. If the various agencies that want to make sure people understand that people of color are committing crimes, then what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. White people need to be identified as contributors to the crime phenomenon at each and every time one of their clan makes their unfortunate choice.

The term "white on white crime" needs to be bandied about at every applicable instance just as the term "black on black crime" is invoked in every applicable instance. Once we have the opportunity to be actively reminded of just how much the white on white crime happens in relation to its black on black crime counterpart.

Chances are we would see that black on black crime isn't as out of hand as a lot of people would like to make it appear. Black on black crime is a problem and it needs to be confronted. But the fraud that black people are somehow more naturally prone to be criminals more so than good wholesome white people needs to be exposed for the racial propaganda it really is.


I get so tired of hearing all this garbage about "Black-on-Black crime" that the media created to hypocritically denounce internal crimes and contradictions in our communities, and justify police control of the community. I can prove it's propaganda.

As part of a discussion of the school recent shootings by white students at Columbine (in Colorado) and a number of other schools around the USA, one of the Black participants stated that he would not excuse white killings of Blacks, but also referred to the Black homicide rate as evidence that "we kill more of our own than the white people do".

I have also had white racists recently write me talking about the "high Black crime rate", including homicides implying that we are an "uncivilized people", and don't deserve reparations, equal justice in the courts, or anything else. As usual, this type of conservative argument is meant to deflect the argument away from condemnations against white racist violence by cops, racist vigilantes or the government.

First, let me say that most "hate crimes" are directed against Black people and other peoples of color, and perpetrated by white racists or cops. These crimes are not perpetrated by Black people against whites, as the conservatives like to put forward, and Blacks commit a smaller number of crimes against whites than we do against each other, but then so does every other group. So the conservative arguments are false. Yes, figures don't lie, but liars sure do use figures. Nor does the fact of Black homicides mean what they want us to read from them. The main thing is that we should not look to the cops or the government to "save" us from ourselves.

Now, I will say upfront that I am not a criminologist, medical doctor, sociologist, psychologist, statistician, or other expert in these matters, but I fundamentally disagree with these statements about homicides in the Black community, and want to make the common sense argument. Listen, racial killing by whites, especially those in law enforcement (reportedly 500-1,000 per year) which are protected by the white government generally, or racist vigilante violence, are totally different from the conditions in the Black community which produce homicides.

iraq children (21K)First, these statistics are not necessarily "racial" at all, because the USA population generally leads the world in the number of domestic homicides. To extrapolate some racial "diagnosis" that Black people are more prone to violence than anyone else in American society is nonsense and shows how we can easily internalize racist propaganda. Even if it *were* true there are some deep social causes that would make it happen, which are not only out of our control, but of which we are *victims*. But let me point out that whites commit fundamentally more crimes in American society, including homicides, [against other whites] than the Black population group, even with all the "ghetto" homicides included.

There should no mystery that whites are the majority of crime perpetrators, and I believe it's merely because they are the largest population base generally in the USA. A grade school child can figure this out. What should we surmise about white people as a result of such information? That they are a race of criminals, a natural criminal class? Well, in a racist media, it could easily be argued: "White on White crime is destroying the nation, and producing a class of violent criminals (white elementary students and street corner juveniles), which must be incarcerated at an early age to protect society."

Now this is a *spoof*, just a way to show that the white racist government has been manipulating crime data, to justify all manner of repressive police measure against the poor and the working class Black communities, by putting white folks in our place as the victims of such racialized crime reporting. Do you see this now and understand why the so-called crime "statistics" from the government are not believable? It's all a political ploy, don't believe the hype!

I don't put forth the opinion of a natural criminal class among white youth, and certainly don't accept it about Black people, Latinos, Asians or others. I also don't believe in superstition, notions of White or Black supremacy, a "race of devils" or super-men, and I know for a fact that all this is racist propaganda. Racism has a material foundation: capitalism and the profit system, and it must be fought, not justified. Certainly, Black people should not swallow and regurgitate such garbage, and it really bothers me when I hear black conservatives on TV or the internet doing just that. It seems that the Black upper class, Republican conservatives and some reactionary race nationalists are the ones to fall for this, and spread it as gospel.

But the conditions that working class Black people live under clearly have to be considered in talking about frequency of homicides. People who exist as a despised racial minority, who have internalized self-hatred, the internal violence of the oppressor, and extreme frustration at their condition are most likely to explode, either in an act of internecine violence towards other Black people, [who are in closer proximity and whom they know that the government regards their lives in lower esteem so there will not likely be harsh punishment], or against the government itself in a so-called "riot" or social rebellion against the conditions of oppression. Read "The Wretched of the Earth" and other work by Franz Fanon, material by Albert Memmi and others about the "colonized mind" and internalized violence.

ussoldier (18K)Because I know beforehand that I will be attacked about it, let me say that I do not apologize for individual acts of violence in our community. But I also recognize that it is the white capitalist government which condones and promotes violence as a way of solving all social problems: between different racial groups, between women and men, between men generally, between families, and other elements in the community internally, and between nation-states *internationally* in the form of war and military aggression.

This government creates the conditions of oppression and violence, and then effectively allows a ton of guns on the street to carry out these homicides. Let's get real here, and not be suckered in by the right-wing white conservatives and their arguments of more cops and more prisons as the "solution". Look, Black people don't have to help George W. Bush, that racist Attorney General, and the reactionary right-wing, destroy the poor in the inner city and overturn civil rights; they can do alright on their own. In fact, we have to fight for all of our people, and against Bush's anti-people agenda generally.

So here's what I'm saying in my conclusion: a crumbling empire and morally bankrupt nation is dying and manifesting every form of deviance. Yes, this society has created sick, violent individuals; after all it is the most violent society on earth. But at this stage the answer is to try to understand why all this violence is really happening, and then fight to eradicate the conditions that produce crime and violence. We must build a new society, not protect this racist system.

By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

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