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White Hair Arrogance, Prudence and Principles
By T. Duffy

This seems to be a suitable way to identify those I feel are better examples, since many are older grey hair white males. Although grey hair wouldn't generally have anything to do with it, but these men are in positions that affect most of us.

They seem to believe they're intelligent, but they aren't as learned or savvy about most things, since most have functioned repetitiously during their tenure. Their indifference is to gain or stay in power, so they attack any situation they believe would in some way discard them. [You notice I said them?]

Radio and television was a source of news and information at one time, but today it's become a means to censure. Regardless if its associates of media earning millions backing them, or personally sounding off themselves, they are determined to find fault with most everything. So nevertheless, any proposals away from their coalition would generally meet some opposition.

Many are authors of books that are slanted with their ideas, where they try to lead those who choose to read them to believe they are the foremost authority on socio-economic state of affairs. But most are capitalist in a lower form, which allow them to complain about bigger government. But smaller government as they perceive would mean fewer services like policemen, firemen, postal workers, etc. Which would also mean less for the people, so more money would end up in their pockets as they propose funds to try to keep this from happening. So it would be a double negative.

Oddly, with little reason to wonder, it has served no purpose for those fixated on them, since many are often struggling in their own lives. We've seen common folk defending their distorted viewpoints, so there could be some truth to Americans being a nation of sheep, at least some of us.

But it's like I've said many times, people here have to feel they belong to something, even if it's detrimental to their well being. That's why social issues generate more fights than solutions. Also fanning the flames are those on the religious right interjecting their reasons why certain choices are sins, while near the bottom the so-called real American who's often struggling and white, rally to keep their image of America from changing.

So for our white hair friends, it only gives them a reason to believe they are necessary. Listening to them trying to articulate any matter, most people miss hearing the hypocrisy. Maybe the rhetoric sounds more pleasing, but it minimize how they were part of that same situation that caused things to go bad or not get better.

It's like an ex husband telling his ex wife's new husband what he should be doing in the marriage. Most of their projects usually blow up in their faces, so it's customary to blame someone else for its failure. These are people who were pardoned although they committed crimes against this nation. They are corrupt judges who steal and finagle the law as they discard the human element for profit. Most would add to some extent conservative.

But conservative ideals have nothing to do with style or ambiance, especially for politicians. It's nothing more than a narcissistic way of holding onto old traditions. Recalling old school traditions, they were [follow me politics] so most people got nothing.

I love the south, but I bet the reason the old antiquated laws are still on the books in many southern states, still remain as a means of checks-and-balance. They are rarely overly concerned about southerners, because they have always supported them. It's the new migrating populous they're trying to hold back.

What's more serious, they are in the position to make new laws, weaken those that exist and follow through on some, in ways that would make the average person look like a terrorist. They are true and better examples of what many may call "the good old boys club.

But how should we perceive blacks and women whose activities are similar, although they may not be full-fledge members of this club? I suggest Americans to listen closely and wake up because they have and are still being scammed.

© Mar 2009 T. Duffy || [TOP]


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