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Time: Does it assess and Change Us?
By T. Duffy

We all live and die, but somewhere between our birth and our demise, time will always have an effect on us and the circumstances around us. As soon as we're at the stage in our lives where we understand the natural progression as human beings, we are then responsible for what we do.

If we try to do the right thing, we can usually expect some rewards. If we limit out efforts first questioning the importance of extending ourselves, it doesn't pass us by to come back later, it still evaluates us then acts accordingly.

An example was doing something only because you're gaining something, so I call [Time] the red panic button of Karma. Where most know it as, "what goes around comes around." If I was to say there are no impediments because your poor, I would have to physically lay out all the actual elements that could put someone at the level where being poor would have no more significance.

Of course I can't remove the conditions why many are still poor, but for more clarity, regardless how some may feel about what I say, whatever occurs that's positive would still be a step up, up meaning one step above their social status. So when I measure both, I see a poor person in a better position to be great or do great things, but on the other hand a person born rich who's taught sometimes to take most things for granted, would only go down, down meaning below prominence.

Yes, most people would of course prefer to be born rich, but [Time] has a way of becoming intrusive to that condition as it enhances the lives of the deprived. A lot has to do with personal effort, but the means is there to be used. Even today we see the most successful worried if they will recover as others face prison terms. Unfortunately, many people have suffered because of them also, only because they still confided in them knowing what they were capable of doing.

On the other hand we also see the lives of some disadvantage start to recover. It may not be acquiring financial means measuring it by today's economy, but awareness. Even if it's not something that would make them feel exhilarating, in a way it's clearing the path for the future to obtain what have been denied or maybe for others, stolen.

Historically, the wealthiest, especially those who ruled, stayed to themselves as a means of sustaining their wellbeing, that's why incest was so pertinent in many societies. It prevented them from mingling with the so-called lower class, since [Time] would have changed the face of the aristocracy.

But in a social system like ours that's more capitalists driven, then a system that blends social equality to lift people to the expectations. The wealthy and maybe smartest are aware of the conditions of [Time]. Although some may have been lucky enough to grab hold to it sooner, the most calculating were taught by predecessors.

They are the people who conjured up rhetoric and other stereotypes for decades, to challenge the circumstances of [Time] as they amplified their conduct against what was coming in the foreseeable future. As blacks we have failed to understand and use [Time] to our benefit. Although most blacks may look at a Black president being a miracle; it was predestined just because of our existence.

Regardless if it last only one day or 8 years, if we lived long enough we would have seen it happen. Only whites who believe they had the right to rule until our eternity see it to be spectacular, although it's not unusual to hear some whites say it was [Time]. Unfortunately, since many blacks may not agree, it limits their thinking to believe it could ever happen again. Some people believe they can slow the consequence of [Time] but the mirror they often use to admire what they see, let them know it's approaching faster then they're ready for.

Regardless if they're financially capable of changing their outer appearance, the inner core of their mind cause them to be disconnected from what they have added or removed trying to oust the clicking clock of [Time]. But this is our [Time]. Blacks have the chance to put their lives in perspective and use it to their advantage.

Single moms have to realize that identity isn't everlasting if it was their choice. The impact of it could create damaging moral and social costs in [Time] unless they don't expect their children to ever grow up. Black men, who could spend years in prison because of thoughtless offenses, could end up in the same situation as many others, because [Time] passed over them, leaving them no probability of a future.

Elders who feel it's a waste of [Time] talking to young blacks, who think they have all the answers, will leave little about themselves to be remembered, if they disregard their responsibility to try. On the other hand those same young blacks who believe they're capable of growing up without proper guidance and the wisdom of elders or parents, will suffer the consequences of [Time].

Since [Time] won't stop so they can catch up to gather what they need, there's little chance of survival for someone who possess nothing, when [Time] finally offers them the chance to recover what men have usually taken away.

© Jan 2009 by T. Duffy || [TOP]


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