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Tea Party1 (13K)The Fox fueling flames of hatred
By T. Duffy

If you think the recent so-called tea party is about taxes, then blacks who have joined in and supported that idea shouldn't be upset when they discover they were duped. Setup to hide the real intentions, since hidden in the rhetoric is a subtle sound of bigotry.

Of course, most will say they didn't know, but it's like many things some blacks have got involved with before thinking. But I'll make this simple for those who seem not to get it, daily they hear those on the political right are the most passionate against most things that's going on in this new administration.

But now it has also opened the gates for the most extreme right wing militants of white hate groups, who have still not accepted a black man to lead in this country. These are people who would rather save their pennies to buy a gun, over striving and working with others to solve personal needs.

For instance when the alleged idea of removing guns from citizens created more of a panic then preserving what's needed to live, it should show it also takes precedence over jobs, heath care, the elderly, or the future of young people who will be here long after the most alarming of these groups are gone.

Without a doubt the guilty are the most learned who have always had some concession with the Fox, because they also share many of the same trickery. So it's okay with the Fox, because it knows they will continue the same narcissistic behavior with little challenge as they have been getting.

But the Fox will have to deal with future confrontation without support, as most have let their constituency fend for themselves. So the saving of face is to say they have an obligation to support grass roots principles and fight against the abuse from government. But since they believe there's a revolution upon us, will they say who will face the consequences?

Unfortunately, those who stir the masses will pay no price for their part again. So I had a reason for using Fox as a lead in for this, because Fox has a more distinct meaning some people may not be aware of. If there's a clear or present danger ahead, I suggest blacks take note of the Fox with more determination. Often times during their daily interaction around the country, if it sees something they feel is easy to pounce on, they often head in our direction.

© Apr. 2009 T. Duffy || [TOP]


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