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27obama (11K)Overloading Responsibility
By T. Duffy

"Hey boy when you finish with all that over there, take care of this." It's probably how the plantation owner worked his slaves to death, since there wasn't any healthcare to save them. It seems to be the same when it comes to the trajectory of responsibilities of this new president.

It's obvious - since there's a dark cloud still hanging over the last administration because of political methods being played down - most of it was waiting to be passed on to whoever the new president would be. I wonder if the illegal way things were done such as torture, would still be an issue if a republican president was selected.

Since most republicans didn't want to chance confronting their own, those who were satisfied but not happy Obama got the job, are probably those who's now keeping their mouths shut. Sometimes I feel I must always express my reason for saying certain things, so this isn't to show favor for the new administration or president, especially because he's to some extent black. I lean in no particular direction when it comes to politics, so this is to show how politics on the right, far right and surprisingly the left genuflect about accountability, when they believe the job is too substantial.

Oddly when rumors filtered around Washington that anyone who was against the policies during the previous administration would be anti-American, suddenly political transparency that supports integrity went numb. What was strange was knowing the responsibilities of a vice president, yet everyone suddenly began to fear his presence, although he was rarely seen. Yet this is the same person who won't go away and now complaining just about everyday about the new president's activities. But the flip side is what I coin a "responsibility overload", is how they now expect one man to do what they could have done when it was taking place.

But suddenly the so-called liberal press is now part of the commentary, maybe because they feel in some way helped to elect the president. But it's like leading money to someone then telling them how they should spend it. Of course torture of prisoners broke many international laws and someone should be accountable for it, but what's happening now is nothing more than those who hate Bush and Cheny using it to prosecute them.

I don't believe they will get away with it, but this should show how the economy and other things that would help stabilize this nation, has suddenly taken a back seat. So in many ways the democrats, moderates or liberals are as confused or angry as those on the right about what's important for now. Unfortunately "the brother" I'll say, may have to juggle the overload of responsibilities handed him alone.

© May 2009 T. Duffy || [TOP]


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