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Outsourcing American Jobs or Desperately Seeking Slavery? - By P. Ross

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The corporate guru's of America who've sold outsourcing into every possible global venue to American business do so under the guise of saving pennies reserved for their own pockets, and because American workers are supposedly too expensive to hire anymore, much less worry about - as if the companies were a part of America.

Living expenses being what they are, instead they've decided to cater to their shareholders and blame them for going offshore so they can squeeze profits to be paid millions in salary while shareholders continue to retain shareholder "value."

But "value" is relative.

Some might call it, instead, corporate pilfering, or siphoning, into corporate treasuries that become converted into corporate pay packages in a twist on the pyramid scheme where they are at the top. They made, so they keep it; rather like Cheney's decision in 2000 that he was the best candidate for VP when asked to find a VP for George W. Bush.

Since all that cost cutting is not producing taxes, courtesy of lobbyist schemes, we can safely presume that neither worker nor government is getting rich from corporate outsourcing. In fact, most workers in America lose, or have lost jobs - while companies pretend they are still legitimate, not a new or more sophisticated kind of privateer pirate.

For all practical purposes, this is second verse, same song - to the pre-Reconstruction days when Planter mentality was in its heyday, and clashing forces of the Civil War convened to retain slavery because of the necessity to the South of having cheap labor for its fields. Today, these corporate Planters have simply taken the opportunity to do the same thing offshore, and don't even offer to their so-called "employees" the benefit of health care or employee benefits that were once standard or mandatory in the U.S.

The do-gooder fašade is that we help the world by sharing the work, but there's a big difference between trade, and slavery, and most of that difference is centered around pay and wages. The globe is simply the next "group" of exploited that America is trying to justify, even while pondering the evils of slavery and considering reparations.

Meanwhile, no one has jobs, because America is allowing off-shore slavery to millions of companies with nothing coming back to America, but plenty to corporate slave shareholders, and their cronies, the CEO's who full-faced defend their newest find of how beneficial to them slavery really is.

Just because they don't use the word doesn't mean it isn't slavery, or exploitation, or economic abuse of workers. Because it's offshore doesn't mean it's right. Out of sight, out of mind, out of conscience.

Social responsibility is not hiding the exploitation under the rug so no one sees it, by sending it overseas. It is pure folly to discuss the disgrace of slavery while doing it in the form of globalization, and then defending it as cost cutting measures as if it was a new form of business management science. Getting the inventory for free has always been the best possible business philosophy because selling at a profit then becomes automatic.

Getting it for almost free sounds better but for the humanitarian disgrace that social morality and responsibility calls for.

It's time the world reviewed how it arrives at its greatest failures and its greatest successes, in business terms and in humanitarian terms. It's doubtful that God would be proud of today's human race.

P. Ross

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