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Being Clear and Forthright about our Endeavors
By T. Duffy

It wouldn't be wrong to say before we do anything we start out with doubt, maybe because we have yet understood the benefits of time out to think before we react, or maybe because it has never worked well for us. But it's almost like mother used to say, if you don't listen or make me look bad you'll be sorry, not thinking I already remembered that threat from before.

So to not be inconsiderate about something else, I usually understand why the attitude of some blacks get on my nerves, like my mother used to get on my case thinking I would somehow screw up. Since there's nothing perfect about us, even needing a little kick in the pants sometimes to keep us on track, we still remain voiceless overlooking what has always leveled the playing field.

Looking at our circumstances where one group say and do whatever they want too, has it not become a time to make them accountable for things that makes some with impertinence point the finger at us? Knowing it's always been arrogance, should we show or prove most of it was lies and conjecture?

If it is time, it should also give us a chance to relax, since most things they already thought was offensive have suddenly become something traditional so they now coin it their own. [Remember what was said when the president and his wife bumped knuckles?] It may not be as significant as many other things we've seen or heard, but we should never overlook anything they do.

But let's try something different, without trying to downplay what we know still need fixing about us, what deficiencies are just as common for whites who's not socially competent? Socially in a way that would also mean they are also inept economically even if they earned some of their living from criminal activities.

What caused many of them in the past and even today to miss the mark, although they don't have to deal with deliberate placed obstacles or prejudices? Wouldn't the criticism we usually get be more appropriate for them? Furthermore if we're a minority linking substance to be the only basis for it, how would we evaluate whites who have yet gained the social or economic levels of a person designated as a minority, since accomplishments have never removed that label?

Lack of education, inadequate housing, children born out of wedlock, fatherless children, crimes against their own people, drug involvement, it should be obvious we're not the only people who suffer from this. This should and do include poor whites and other minorities, but theoretically it's applied to us using statistics to say we're more at risk.

Oddly they rarely make known that their data comes from a percentage of blacks, where even certain gratuities may have been offered beforehand to mingle to get the information, so I'll go with that possibility. Aside from that, what makes the balance of us so much at risk?

It would be more honest to say it was race, although tenuous social conditions that often provoke anti social behavior usually pick no particular race or neighborhood. To limit those conditions, what's needed are more "have some, and less have not's. But to ask something hypothetical, suppose someone now admits minority always meant numbers, so we took it the wrong way. Wouldn't the achievements of blacks still be more extraordinary than whites, since most of it occurred probably with some kind of adversity?

During black history month each year, few blacks would say they aren't surprised seeing men and women that make them feel excited and less pessimistic about their own lives. Most are aware of the conditions of slavery and Jim Crow. But the networks that often plan ahead to make choices for us rarely show black men and women of today who's also worthy of our acknowledgement.

For years they chose people like Martin Luther King Jr. and others from that period as a means of appeasing us for the month. Of course, this isn't to lessen their contribution, because it was they who made the path for blacks we should know about.

But many are leaders in their own right even being doctors, lawyers, educators or even politicians etc, since they have done what was predicted for generations to be impossible. If we continue allowing theorists and so-called socially astute to say and do things that impede our responsibility to distinguish our importance, it would be like the recent reoccurrence of some idiot questioning where the president was born again.

Assuming he probably heard about it, we have also seen it hasn't interfered with his accountability. But my personal view of this nonsense, is to say if they had the nerve to examine their own people for citizenship, they would probably need a crash program to get thousands of theirs legitimized, since Ellis Island isn't the only way to get in anymore, it's only a monument. But for us being smart and wise is keeping a mental note as a reminder of the past, present and for the future.

© Mar 2009 T. Duffy || [TOP]


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