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By T. Duffy

I sometimes use quotes or add something that's abstract for trying to get my point across. It's my way of drawing the reader in to realize they may somehow be included in the subject matter. So here goes.

As most of us know or should know, magazines are only general summaries of events, sometimes gracious and sometimes tragic. But today most are somewhat different, since they have become a source for fads, status and in some circles intellect. But there are other magazines that aren't so socially explicit, yet their simplicity is still geared towards giving a person numerous chances to think about why there's so much enthusiasm for them.

Since these magazines only have a limited purpose, especially for someone who really has no reason to buy one, why have they become so popular? Most people have heard about them, but few common folk really know anything about them. They are magazines I would add to another stack I call the "Needless Retentive Alliance", since I've often question if they're helpful?

Of course they seem to be more fashionable than practical, but that usually comes from the outside dealers. What really offends me sometimes is how guys who own these magazines spend more time with them than they do going to school or work.

This magazine has created such an obsession; many are known to not be able to put them down, so they walk the streets with it sometimes day and night. But the downside that's scary, is the most careless have left them lying around, or terrified children with the contents.

But to conclude, the Magazine in question is really the [Magazine of an automatic pistol]. The title "Needless Retentive Alliance" or NRA was used as a way to say if something has no benefit to better your life, it has to be worthless.

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