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  Afro Goddesses

queen (14K)Black Goddesses vs. black bitches
By Charles Davis

Black Goddesses-Queens-Princesses vs. black bitches-hoes-whores-prostitutes!
America's African Black Men & Women, Males & Females, Boys & Girls

1. YES: The Original Creative ArtistCHD, has a Problem Solving Solution; to the many difficult issues concerning our relationships with each other. I'm specifically talking about, (talkin'bout), supposed to be caring brothers and sisters knowing how to live here on planet Mother Earth in LovePeace & Harmony. And first and foremost, in "THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH" ToLoveThySelf vs ToHateThySelf.

2. FORTUNATELY WE's & US's: Are blessed divinely to have been born alive and well and healthy at all, esp., under the existing challenging circumstances. Albeit, in spite of trying odds, minority people of color, dark melanin skinned Americans particularly; have prospered prolifically in great abundance. Have been very successful at whatsoever we chose to part take in, putting our brains mind to hard work and diligent study; achieving high degrees in learning and education; inclusively, discovery and invention. And in the last-past 30 years or so, overall Africans in America have become filthy rich, possessed by material worldly wealth$$$ It's all good, it's all gravy!

3. OUR ANCESTRAL GRANDPARENTS: By way of their intuitive wisdom; fed their children the most nutritional dietary meal plan on the face of planet Mother Earth. Indubitably, I most assuredly mean far before it was molested and raped of its nutritional values by the angry Anglo-Americans lack of wholesome culture of a European origin; lacing the dietary menu with their toxic chemical drugs. Ruining and spoiling rotten the true: Mother Africa's & America's Black Cultural Soul Food!!!

4. Moreover, some of the commercially farmed vegetable crops, agricultural products grown for marketing; such as meats: hogs-pigs-pork-swine, chicken-poultry, cattle-beef, and marine-fish foods have been seriously contaminated by toxic poisons. Infected plants and animals with potentially harmful bacteria-worms-parasites... no doubt. Albeit Mother Earth has Her own methods of going about counter attacking and thus destroying these invading enemies. She has created divine protections for humanity via INFINITE INTELLIGENT DESIGNS!!

5. Nevertheless, too many of the dark complexioned people of color, and of African "ascent"; have foolishly gotten away from eating these wholesome dietary meals. The very ones that made strong and powerful and fast Olympic athletes world renowned. Conceiving virus and disease resistant infants and small babies. But some idiots have been misled into believing that the Euro-American & Western diets were better for them or wrongly taught that they were more nutritional. Becoming bias and prejudice against the growth and development of their own institutions. And can't seem to stand the thought of eating homegrown collard-mustard-turnip greens; due to their sick idiosyncratic mindset. Stopping the creative evolution of increasing the moral values of our culinary culture. Instead of working on improving it; upgrading the preparation practices; Co-opting out trying to be and act pearly white upper class. And what too many of us wrongly think or believe Soul Food of today to mean; unfortunately is a negative definition handed down to them by their racist white supremacy enemies of devilish hate. Falsely claiming that our traditional diets are the ones that are making us sick and killing people of color. Yet, this still is a major Fraud in Fact "White Devil's" Lie!

6. IT'S OUR SECURE-SAFE-SOUL SAVIOR: Moreover, so our antagonistic adversaries went about their merry way contriving to undermine, degrade, negatively stereotype our traditional Soul Food Cultivation. And as they learned that they were having too hard of a time stopping those of us with self loving energy emotions; they began to create, manufacture, others of our own racial group to do their dirty low down underhanded dealings and bad bidding. Through very sophisticated psychological mind controlling techniques, employing the poisonous principles of Bribing-Duping & Brainwashing to produce what I've named as sellout self-hating bootlickers being: The BlackJackAssUncleTom-Devils!!!

6a. Contrary to popular belief, these creatures are mostly of the so called weaker sex, the female gender. Vanity Fair. Those who are perceived as being the least of all threats to the white supremacy slave master and his sinister super power SYSTEM.

7. TRUE SISTERS vs. FALSE SISTERS: Who has a distinctive contrast contents of character. Initially created through a false portrait face version of Christianity. A racist religious process by which a large number of black females, even young girls, were mentally, physically and spiritually molested, thus brutally raped of their moral virtues.

8. Likewise by the very same black token, these African women in America, were given a heavy dose of deadly dope; being the Lilly white Male's image of what is truthfully colored skinned brother Jesus Christ. A faithful man, perhaps, just like me and you?!.

9. NAIVE & GULLIBLE & VAIN: Too many of our would be sisters; Goddesses, Queens and Princesses, fell in love with this European Caucasian Male's facial features and pretty choir boy innocent looking portrait picture. Embraced his actual physical body, something white females have been watching very closely for a real live long time. Waiting on her chance to go out and get herself, in feminist retaliation, all of the black male studs that she can sexual screw, in fact make mass production of Obama

10. Shortly after the indoctrination brainwashing was completed, the black females started teaching her young kids, boys and girls, how to worship and honor and respect this false Christian belief. Especially in Sunday school church dis-services. Systematically depriving them of "The Spirit of Truth." Feeding them the poorest mental-spiritual diets; being self-hatred, ever known to humankind, to this very same time and date: Saturday, February 28, 12:26 PM.

10a. With good intentions, maybe, she dressed her little boys up with nice suit and ties and white shirts and socks. And the cute little girls with pretty can can dresses and bonnets-bow-ribbons in their hair; bangs and pig And has produced the money hungry "raven wolves in sheep's clothing"; being these mega churches black bishop bastards, pimp priest pedophiles, ministers who are adulterers and child molesting preachers, and pastors of a spiritually fallen CHRISTENDOM! Thus, if they are not teaching and preaching Black Liberation Theology, then, they are obviously worhiping the two-legged upright walking "White Devils"! And Islam is not fairing any better!! Remember the bravely bold black soul brother the Honored Mr. Malcolm-X-Big Red-Shabazz? Read his auto-biography...OK?

11. These perhaps well intended black ladies, mothers, went out and bought all of the Christian literature, Holy Bibles with beautiful picture drawings and paintings, of which I still have in my personal possession, as clear evidential proof. Great works of art that I as a young boy knew how to draw all by heart, rote memory, because of my diligent bible reading and or simply looking at the European paintings, etc. My dearly beloved Mother Sis had a complete encyclopedic collection. No doubt the artworks were masterfully rendered.

12. However, the whole of Europe's art history, which I took in college, in Scriptural Biblical terms, is absolutely and negatively wrong. Grossly distorted and constitutes Institutionalized Racism; at its satanic worst. Which make it all most impossible for our true soul brothers of scholarly education, to have any respect for the Old or New Testament Bibles. Seeing how they KNOW, that the European Caucasoid racial groups, stole our ancient scrolls, text writings, languages, culture and civilized inventions from the vast continent of Black Negroid Mother Africa!!!

13. BLESSEDLY: I was Divinely Inspired back in 1980, Called-Chosen & Sent & Anointed, to reveal these truths via my artistic commission calling and ministry. Yes of course I initially asked and begged the question...WHY ME? Nonetheless I was spiritually volunteered to carry out these strict orders given to me under our COSMIC CREATORS COMMANDS!!!!

13a. I'M A KNOW-ER vs a Believer: Well then, now here we are today y'all, faced with a high divorce rate in American society, in general and over all in the divided black family destruction. Unwed young girls of all racial and ethnic groups are of the norm. Separated from their kids and boyfriends. Who were never united in the first place in the spirit and the bond of LovePeace & Harmony.

14. Because something extremely terrible happened back on the old-southern slave plantations. Where the black males failed to protect their women folk, for whatsoever reasons, sorry ass excuses and pitiful alibis. He wasn't there for her and allowed her to be repeatedly and brutally raped by gangs of bad white men. [check out Madea goes to jail]. She lost hope-faith-belief in him all together, and thought it to be best that she take the family leadership roles. Even to the streets as cheap "hoes", winches-bitches, house maids-domestic servants of wealthy whites. Yet I give her a pass, but not to my brothers until they stand up and be MEN.

15. And with internalized resentment, bitterness, never honestly forgiving her black male counterparts. He never seemed to have repented from his incompetence, ineptitude in her self-hating estimation, so then, feeling emotionally depressed, this angry African American woman, unknowingly passed these hostility traits on down the bio-genetic generation lines via her DNA CODES, infecting her offspring with SHIV & EAIDS: Self Hate Immuno Viron & Eco Acquired Immuno Deficient System!!

16. A LACK OF FORGIVENESS: This is precisely why we see so many of our youngest of black girls showing little or no respect towards their brothers and fathers. And they don't necessarily know why? Hot wheels and wild ass sassy Heifers!! For it's something buried profoundly deep down inside of them, telling her to not ever again trust the black males, and that they are the rapists, and child molesters, and that the white man is her only true Lord & Savior & God!!! CHRISTENDOM & NOW ISLAM!!

17. Which explains why so many sisters are extremely jealous of white females, when they come too close to their perceived to be black men. And often become accusatory in her relationships, with a sort of inner paranoid feeling that he is playing off on her behind her back; but in many cases, it's only her own guilty conscious coming back to haunt-hunt her down. For she slept with the white man on many occasions by her own volitional acts, free will, without any kind of force. It's the self-condemning conscience still raping and molesting her children!

18. My older sister, a true Black Woman married to a Black Male...., recently told me over the long-distance telephone call; that "black women are down right stubborn and hard headed!" Refusing to listen: Destroying her own house and dividing her own family due to trying to be right all of the time. Argumentative, bitchy, discontent and sexually never satisfied. Thus disobedient refusing to be submissive, lovable; therefore, receives very little if any affection and love from her black mate, etc. BUT: when "the white she devil" and feminine beast comes along, skinnin' and grinnin' with her dollar bills jingling in the black guys face; they some times bite the baited HOOK!

18a. PISSED OFF THE SISTER: Then is prompted to cross the racial lines in search of the love of the white man's money and the material things that it can buy. She does the chicken neck, bottom lip stuck out, rolling of the eyes, head held high-sa-diddy up in the air and struts out on her liberated own! Some times not knowing how in the hell she's going to feed all of her kids? With an attitude proclaiming that "I don't need no N...word to help me take care of my children!" He ain't got no money so I ain't got no honey. Meaning in her time warped mindset, to be a down and out black male and father of the babies.

19. BUT THERE'S DIRE CONSEQUENCES: For her own stupid rationalization-self-deception and gross distortion of reality. Psychotic self-destructive behavior! And can't truthfully be the mother and father at the same time to a child. The parent can only be who they are biologically, male and or female, having each essential roles to perform. After she learns the hard headed knocks way that the majority of these Euro-American males, only pretend and act like kind gentlemen. Faking phonies doing so as lures. And in truth, have no true love for her; then she immediately runs back over to the other side of the railroad tracks, back home, looking for a black male to date-mate-and hopefully marry. But, here again, he has instincts and intuition also, being born from a Woman; sensing that she is not trustworthy anymore, contaminated and toxic, for allowing herself to be sexually freaked by kinky perverted "white boys".

20. UNRESOLVED INTERNAL CONFLICT: Now this abused and misused African American female, is out to make somebody pay dearly. And the closest ones in her reach are other black males, boyfriends, brothers, sons, nephews, husbands and fathers all alike. She will work harder than him to get a decent education, higher paying jobs in the white man's corporate system and "Criminal Enterprise" says: And will cross the streets if and when she sees a black boy or man coming her way, so as not to have to make direct eye contact with him. Or she will rudely simply turn her head in the opposite direction, making it very hard to get to know her. High strung! Then she proceeds on to her lonely bedroom pillow crying about why the white girls are taking all of the good black males form them. Cry baby cry!

21. Now she goes out of her way to dress up, look all sexy and fine with heavy make-up and eye lashes on. Not realizing she is looking more like an upscale "hoe" trying to impress the financially able white business men. Getting to know a few of them via personal contacts, eating out with them, and going to movies and night clubs to dance. So that she can front him off, the black men, to show how much smarter she is than he is, in the white man's presence.

22. Exercising the "Honky Ideology"; says Identifying with the enemy on the sly fox cool. Thus, some will strive to be hired into certain authority positions of power and influence; such as municipal-district divorce court judges, handling child support-custody cases and domestic violence or wife battering. And this very same kind of self-hating MENTALITY; seeks employment in government sectors of society, being security guards at apartment buildings-jails and prisons, city-county police officers, military duty patrols, parole and probation officers, managers and all of the official positions that she might be able to exact some type of legal punishment against her African American male counterparts. CONSCIOUSLY OR UNCONSCIOUSLY!!

23. UNFORTUNATELY FOR BLACK MALES: These self-abnegating would be true sisters; are the principal ones, selling the brothers out to the Prison Industrial Complex! She's the biggest "Snitch" in the local communities accepting small cash money bribes from corrupt white male renegade cops, to set the petty dope pushers up to get busted. She's the main one of a Culpable Mental State, that calls 911 in the least of domestic problems going on at home with her spouse, husband or boyfriend. She's the major factor in social workers capacities; that place the stigmatizing label; "Crack Babies"; on our young defenseless under-classed girls new born babies. Thus, so that they can be bought and or sold out through corrupt adoption agencies by wealthy whites, etc., etc., etc.

24. This white male loving BITCH; is in actuality a sophisticated whore-"hoe"; and likes being in the prostitute's position of leadership. Now in our armed forces giving hostile orders to young teenage military boys. Sucking up to the white man, giving sexual favors behind closed doors, in efforts to be given higher ranks and decorated status. So that she may be able to flaunt her sex appeal, big butt around at whosoever she chooses; to anybody other than the True Black Male Kings & Princes & Gods. [Note I'm not referring to the Almighty Creators!]

Continued >>>

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