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  Afro Recalcitrant

To Build on a New Cause, seek the Recalcitrant
By T. Duffy

It's not uncommon if you look at the most subversive group's who do it. But what makes it important enough to use as a title? It's to show how I believe presidential elect Obama and his associates were able to successful get him elected.

I didn't want it to be intellectual, analytical or presumptuous, or even hostile. Although I wanted it simple, it could be a little abstract for some. Anyway, I believe the coordinators of the Obama group experimented with the idea of America being a system derived from groups, transformed into layers, to begin the building of their movement.

I call it a movement, since most people still believe the concept, "of the people, by the people and for the people". They also knew if the most common person couldn't grab hold to something to make them believe they were [Special] it would fail, or maybe see the worst in people because of their incisive character to be adamant.

That's why hero, champion and celebrity are so exhilarating it almost insures they're included. This isn't philosophical, it's a fact. In addition to what is really a concept, America being a melting pot, most ethnic groups still need their so-called special day to reflect on their heritage some say, often with parades and celebration.

But preparing their movement for this new idea, they knew they should have and show some significance to gain members, so they named it "Change". [Probably with the intent of transforming old habits, politics and social conditions] But since it wasn't directed at any one thing in particular in the beginning, possible members were able to vision for themselves what needed changing, positive and negative.

So it wouldn't be plagiarism to say the turbulent years for many in the Bush club gave them a better vision of their future joining another. But as usual, people had to also believe they were going to actually have a hand in the conceptual idea called "Change". So each person who thought about it, even those in doubt, were being slowly convinced they would get the chance to physically dig in to help.

What made this movement seem different was how the leaders made an extra effort to make people feel secure enough to trust them and their leader. Meantime, the first in command had to show they were intelligent, had some degree of humility and concentrated less on negative things that would damage their cause.

So the most unique thing about the movement without a doubt, it had showed no preference who would be members. It solicited people of all races, religions, socio-economic levels and doubters. Then being bombarded with "yes we can", over and over again, they began to feel they were part of something extraordinary and possibly historic.

So as the membership began to grow from state to state they started encouraging friends and families to join also. So not only did they prove to themselves they could attract members in the most out of way places, who was still stuck in time, they were able to convert those who were in a tug of war with "mister bigotry" also.

Without a doubt the power of prejudice takes on many facets of our lives, from the food we refuse to eat, the way we may view others customs, to the kind of person we prefer to be seen with. But sometimes harden and believing we have no reason to break those chains, we deny ourselves a chance to see if our so-called discriminating manner, deny us from what we really needed.

Other than some retirees able to live and not worry about their lives changing much. Those who have had some uneasiness about theirs look around to see everything falling down around them. Since there's a certain amount of guilt still stirring amongst some new members who refuse to admit they failed voting for the last president. In their mind, "nothing beats a failure but a try".

Finally, no one can predict the pros or cons of a black president, it would just be speculation. We couldn't predict the presidency of a second Bush and they're not black. But theoretically, I feel it was worth it, since something was created we have only imaged. Hopefully, smaller branches will grow from the movement to work diligently and jointly with members of the bigger club, who's about to move into an area, to gain new power.

"Change" will come and the benefits for each person who followed the movement then joined hands have a chance to exercise their ability to improve their lives as well as others, so when the club is disbanded, 4 or 8 years from now, they will continue to feel [Special] because they were members of a group who tried to make a significant "Change".

© Nov 2008 by T. Duffy || [TOP]


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