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Those 'migrant caravans' exist because America created the conditions that led to them

The American media spin truth and feed the public propaganda daily. However, instead of rationalizing and facing reality, most media-watchers refuse to believe that their own country is responsible, and would rather believe that we are under attack by poor, defenseless people. What a shame.


Here’s one thing you’ll never hear about in Donald Trump’s (or any other Republicans') incendiary speeches about so-called “illegals" seeking asylum: Three decades of misguided American foreign policy, coupled with Americans' insatiable appetite for cocaine, played a huge role in creating the dismal, murderous and inhuman conditions in the countries those people are fleeing.   

Instead, if you attended one of Trump’s mini-Nuremberg spectacles filled with his braying, red-capped, flag-waving goons, you’d probably be left with a different reality. You might find yourself believing that these “caravans," comprised of impoverished refugees slowly trudging up through Mexico from Central America, just magically materialized because some sudden, random idea popped into their heads one day. You might think that random idea drove these “aliens” to try to relocate their entire families and all their worldly possessions to the U.S, risking death by thirst, hunger, or exposure in the attempt.

You’d be led to believe they just decided, on a whim, to pick up and leave behind the only homes they’d ever known, as well as their families, jobs, and friends, all their social and economic ties to those countries, just to face the horrors of crossing the barren Mexican desert. Why not deal with little food or water, newborn babies and raggedy-clad toddlers in tow, while paying extortionate sums to abusive “coyotes" and human traffickers, who are likely to abandon them after stealing (or holding hostage) their life’s earnings of a few thousand pitiful pesos? And that’s before they face near-certain rejection (or have their children kidnapped) by thuggish U.S. border patrol agents drunk on power.

It’s mighty inconvenient to point out to Americans that … Americans are pretty much responsible for the travesty that allowed lethal drug gangs to run rampant. So much so that  these Central American countries citizens are now forced to flee for their lives. That fact really doesn’t sit well with Republicans trying to demagogue and race-bait the issue back home to their lily-white constituents. Worse, it sure doesn’t sit well with a fascist blowhard trying to get himself re-elected by the same ignorant rubes he bamboozled the first time around (with a friendly nudge from the Russians).

But it happens to be true. What Donald Trump calls a " crisis" (and now, we are told, a “national emergency”) on our Southern border is practically 100% American-made. Those people are at the border, trying against all odds to get in the U.S, and to escape certain death back home, because of US.

The causes fueling these dirt-poor migrants’ flight—from the hellholes we callously created and left for them to suffer in—has been well-documented for years. But just in case anyone forgot, or just doesn’t want to remember, Italian journalist Roberto Saviano has penned a comprehensive indictment of the causes driving the Guatemalan, Honduran and El Salvadoran people who Trump and Fox News impugn with their practiced fear-mongering, now on a near-daily basis. The Migrant Caravan: Made in the U.S.A. appears in the newest edition of the New York Review of Books. It describes, in broad strokes, the march of American folly and disregard spanning the decades since the failed American “War on Drugs” began in earnest, creating the conditions that these poor people are trying to escape.

First, a reality check on the so-called “caravans” is in order.

The migrant caravan that left Honduras and headed north toward the US last October is the largest flight from drug trafficking in history. Though the phenomenon of Central American caravans isn’t new, never before have thousands of people decided to flee from criminal organizations in such numbers. It is, in a sense, the biggest anti-mafia march the world has ever seen.

The “caravans” (which no evidence suggests include any hard-core criminals, gang members, or drug smugglers) form when poor people, unable to afford any other means of transportation, attempt to protect each other from robbery by the sheer force of their numbers. The Oct. 2018 group (who Trump incessantly demonized in his failed attempt to influence last fall’s midterm elections) originated in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, near the Guatemalan border. From 2011—2014, thanks to a cascade of events, all tracing back to American drug consumption and heedless U.S. policies occurring over decades, San Pedro Sula was the most violent city on the planet.Honduras itself ranked just behind El Salvador as the country most dominated by organized crime.

The only thing to do there is escape. The crime syndicates, which have complete control over the region and the power of life and death over its people, have in recent years plunged Honduras into an unofficial state of war. In 2012 the country had the highest murder rate in the world...

The main reason Honduras enjoys this dubious distinction is that it sits directly between the largest cocaine-producing nations—Colombia, Peru and Bolivia—and the largest cocaine-trafficking nation, Mexico. Those countries, in turn, supply the biggest cocaine-consuming nation: the United States of America.


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