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Federal Workforce is Predominantly white

In the back of this president’s mind, and the minds of his racist administration and support base, they covertly seek to hurt people of color by closing the government, stopping food stamps and housing assistance, but the majority of the people they are hurting are white.


Following is an excerpt from the latest OPM annual report on demographics of the federal workforce describing how it is changing over time and how it compares with the overall labor force.

The Federal Workforce is 18.1 percent Black, 8.4 percent Hispanic, 5.6 percent Asian, 0.4 percent Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 1.7 percent American Indian/Alaska Native, 1.2 percent Non-Hispanic/Multi-Racial, and 64.7 percent White. Minorities as a whole constituted 35.3 percent of the Federal Workforce.


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