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North Korea: U.S. must show signs of denuclearization

North Korea is not a stupid country and one that will not bow to the intimidation of the United States. NOw that they have Nukes, they are a player on the world stage. Let us hope someone with some sense can step in.


Dec. 20 (UPI) -- North Korea warned the United States on Thursday in a statement that tied sanctions with the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

In remarks published on KCNA, the Kim Jong Un regime stated the country is unafraid of sanctions and that it is "better to find a new route than to hit a barrier on a well-worn path." 

"We are not afraid or mired in pain over sanctions," the KCNA statement read.

"We have been under U.S. sanctions for half a century...we will not be moved even if heavier sanctions are implemented for a hundred or a thousand years."

North Korea also questioned U.S. willingness to "denuclearize the Korean Peninsula." The two sides had made indefinite agreements on some form of denuclearization in June -- a measure that was followed by the postponement of several U.S.-South Korean defense exercises.

"Whether or not there is a genuine intention to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula is a question we must ask the United States," KCNA said. "If the United States wishes to denuclearize the peninsula, would it act as bizarrely as it is now?"

The statement went on to blame sanctions and "pressure on human rights" for provoking North Korea and its "high pride." KCNA said the U.S. think tank report on an undeclared missile base, released in November, is an example of a "ridiculous excuse" to break the process of improved relations and denuclearization.


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