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What the Mueller Report means to Black People


The country has been waiting on the Mueller Report after a 2 year investigation into the possible crimes and misdemeanors of the United States President, and now the findings have been released. In the Black world, it took only one day for us to know Trump is nothing more than a crook.

Trump is like the guy in the hood that everyone was looking for because he either owed them money, lied about them, or he just needed his ass kicked for whatever reason. The United States, however, needs a long drawn out process of the legal system and millions of tax-payers dollars spent to see what we see.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election has been delivered to attorney general William Barr, who said he could turn over his account of Mueller’s findings to Congress as soon as this weekend.”

The problem with this is he is releasing the findings to a Trump appointee, which means only one thing; he will probably walk away an innocent but a tainted man according to the United States legal system or at least be excused all the way to the bank.

Well, Black America can now sit back and watch this country use full blown white privilege to protect a man that has done things that if Obama had even thought about would have landed him in jail or if whites had their fantasies fulfilled, underneath a tree with a crowd standing around.

We get to see the hypocrisy of American whites at its full strength as the media and politicians debate whether he did anything wrong, acted professionally and honestly, or has the country’s best interest at heart. If there is true justice in this country, Trump will go to jail along with his children.

But this is America.


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