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Medicare Budget Cut is not a Cut, Its Robbery


The White House 2020 Budget Proposal to cut Medicare should never be allowed; simply because Medicare funding comes from the earned dollars of the people, not the government.

The F.I.C.A. tax to Medicare and Social Security comes out of a person’s check that they have worked for and does not belong to the government. The tax is similar to a savings account put toward retirement once the person is retired. It is not a handout from the government.

Most Republican lawmakers and politicians would have people to believe that these benefits is something the government gives to people upon retirement, but that is a lie. It is an earned benefit paid for by each and every working person.

The people should storm Capitol Hill if this passes into law because it is nothing more than theft from the people. They have no right to cut, or take away what people have worked for all their lives. Furthermore, these taxes are taken from your check whether you want them taken out or not.

This is simple greed and thievery. The wealthy will go to any extreme to take from the bottom half of the country. The people must fight for what is theirs.

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