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The Wealthy Does Not Want Affordable Healthcare for Working People

The wealthy not only cheat in voting and college admissions, they also cheat at politics. We’ve known this for years but their crookedness is being exposed more broadly and on the national stage.


According to this article , wealth mega-donors to the Republican Party blackmail Republican politicians using money in exchange for policy. This also, we have known for years.
For instance, “Texas political mega-donor Doug Deason had a stern message for Republicans seeking campaign donations: The “Dallas piggy bank” was closed until they repealed Obamacare and passed major tax cuts. Deason said he had urged about two dozen of his wealthy Texas friends to do the same. The billionaire Koch brothers Charles and David also hinted at withholding money.”
Though we know this corruption is happening, the main question here is why would the wealthy want Obamacare repealed? It is understandable about the tax cuts, because they are greedy for money, but why withhold heathcare from hard working people?
What is the reason they do not want people to have healthcare? Because as long as they rule and get rich off the markets, they control what goods and services are availblae to the public and then can continue the cycle of supply and demand to their own favor.
However, this is only one logical reason. The other reason they would want to withhold healthcare from people is because Obamacare was a policy of a Black President. A little of both, greed and racism reeks through.
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