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Legislation would let North Carolina teachers carry guns, make arrests

This legislation is definitely going to lead to parent-teacher confrontations. No one has the right to threaten a child with a gun, (which this will eventually come down to). Another dumb idea from a people obsessed with violence.


A proposed law would give teachers a 5 percent salary increase if they undergo police training.

North Carolina lawmakers are considering a bill that would reward teachers who agree to get basic firearms training and carry guns in their classrooms.

The legislation filed on Wednesday would give teachers who carry guns a 5 percent salary increase after they undergo basic police training. The plan, under the School Security Act of 2019, including the salary increases and training, would cost $9.3 million. It would also create a position called “teacher resource officer.”

For the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the funded ratio of teacher resource officers to students per school is up to one teacher resource officer for every 500 students and will not be more than the funded cap of 3,000 teacher resource officers. They would have the same arrest powers as police officers.

In the past, legislative efforts to put more guns in North Carolina schools have stalled. State lawmakers introduced a similar bill this year but it didn’t provide a pay raise for teachers, according to CNN, and that measure died in committee. Some Republican lawmakers introduced the same bill last session and it also died in committee.

Ten states allow concealed carry in schools, eight states allow school school employees who are not security personnel to carry guns on campuses and nearly 25 states let schools or districts give permission to individuals to carry guns on campus, according to the Morning Call.
Many teachers are not interested in carrying guns, however. According to a 2018 National Education Association poll, which surveyed 1,000 members, 82 percent said they would not carry a gun in school and 61 percent of teachers who are gun owners oppose the idea of arming teachers in schools. Two-thirds of teachers surveyed said they would not feel safe if teachers were allowed to carry guns.
Research has shown that it is unlikely that armed school personnel would stop a school shooter and would probably only serve to make schools less safe. That hasn’t stopped President Donald Trump however from advocating for teachers to carry guns to stop school shootings or Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from focusing the school safety commission on student discipline instead of access to guns.
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