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America Spends on War, but Not on the Future


For more than 70 years the United States has funded war efforts around the world. Billions to build a powerful military and billions rebuilding countries they have destroyed. Yet they refuse to invest in their own country.

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White Supremacist Hate Everybody


Black Americans are not the only group of people who are targets of white hate and violence. Muslims, Jews, and Hispanics are on their list also. Should these groups consider whether there is something wrong with them, or with the white supremacist?

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The U.S. Military is Desperate for Recruits


For the past 40 years, the military has had a hard time recruiting soldiers. Currently, men between the ages of 18 and 26 have to register for selective services, or what was once called “the Draft.”

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The Destabilization of South America Will Cost the U.S. Dearly


The darkness is passed and now the light is shining bright on the inhumane treatment of South American countries by the United States. The so-called “border crises” is just a small upshot of the long history of a covert war waged against South American countries by the United States.

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How Oil Companies Control Every Aspect of Your Life


From the quality of the food you eat to the cost of heating your home, to whether or not you and your children have health care, oil companies have a hand in each of these areas of life directly or indirectly. That must change.

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