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Republicans Are Perpetrating a Coup Against This DemocracyDrugs

This phenomenon is becoming more apparent to many people; especially in the last 3 years. They are playing dirty, with more lowdown tricks and fraudulent schemes as they plainly cheat right in the faces of the people. And the media is allowing them to do so.

Despite backlash, stock buybacks keep boomingDrugs

Employers do not give a damn about their employees, including you. While you work long hours and live pay-check-to-pay-check, corporations are taking the money you make for them and dividing it amongst their wealthy partners.

Pioneering black scientist to win 'Nobel Prize' of climate changeDrugs

Yes, there is positive news that focuses on Black scientist. Warren Washington will be awarded the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement. This is not only a step for Black progress, but for the world.

U.S. had 7% rise in hate groups in 2018Drugs

This report simply means that hate remains a factor deep in the fiber of this country. The "rise" in the title testifies to the fact that people are openly showing their hatred. The part about a rise in Black hate groups is a flat-out lie.

Critics Warn News Outlets Failing US Viewers Once Again: Protects TrumpDrugs

How can the media hate and report on the actions of this man and then turn around and support him on something even worse. Imperialism, that's how. The United States national interest is at stake and the (white) media will abandon their principles to maintain world power.

11-Year-Old Arrested At School After Refusing To Stand For The PledgeDrugs

Arresting a child for not pledging should be illegal in itself. This is why people are beginning to resent this country, because of the forced allegiance they expect us to give in exchange for a police state. The parents should sue.

Those 'migrant caravans' exist because America created the conditions that led to themDrugs

The American media spin truth and feed the public propaganda daily. However, instead of rationalizing and facing reality, most media-watchers refuse to believe that their own country is responsible, and would rather believe that we are under attack by poor, defenseless people. What a shame.

New York HQ Fiasco and Amazon's $0 in Federal TaxesDrugs

Why should a large multi-billion dollar corporation pay no federal taxes and have the right to exploit workers for low pay, substandard healthcare and long hours? Not many people understand how they are being exploited by big business and have just as well accepted a form of modern day slavery.

OpenAI company won't release tech that can generate fake newsDrugs

Be prepared to run across real "fake News" while reading articles online. Technology engineers have purposely created an AI bot that generates stories based on the words around a topic. This is Orwellian in nature. Learn the art of critical thinking and the concept of reality.

The conservative boycott of Nike is costing independent store owners their businessesDrugs

People are tired of good ole' boy racism and are fighting back with their money. Let us continue to boycott and refrain from spending at companies and with business owners who are on the wrong side of history.

Kentucky high school kids did nothing ‘racist or offensive’ report saysDrugs

Of course white privilege is at play when the school investigates its own students. Apparently, they did nothing wrong. But if you read the investigation report, anyone else can find at least 10 things that were racist and offensive; and a lot of lies.

Labor unions fear Democrats’ Green New Deal poses job threatDrugs

Billionaires are pushing Unions to reject a renewable energy New Deal proposal using the threat of fewer jobs. However, if Unions remain behind coal and oil, the people will continue to receive tainted water and air, like in Flint, Mi. and many of the urban cities. The country has to advance at some point.

Blackface is OK, according to 1 in 3 AmericansDrugs

Apparently, making fun of people's color is ok only to people who have low self-esteem. A blatant show of ignorance (not racism) is on display in this country. Talk about low levels of intelligence; white folks are completely blind to theirs.

Gun-seizure laws grow in popularity since Parkland shootingDrugs

It is only common sense to take guns off the streets instead of pumping more into society, especially during such a volatile time in the country. Racial tensions are high and political descent is too. People are angry, bitter, and hateful and more guns are not what we need.

U.S.-Based Plane Caught Bringing Arms into VenezuelaDrugs

As a result of the U.S. intervening in the countries of South America' political systems, the countries are poorer and the people are fleeing toward the United States to escape poverty and violence. So the so-called migrant crisis was created by the United States itself.

Ohio City Ditches Columbus Day to Make Election Day Paid HolidayDrugs

Most average, working people are going to love this idea. Even if they do not vote. People simply love a paid day off. This may, in fact, encourage more people to vote. But guess who will hate this idea; the people who use voter suppression and gerrymandering.

CFPB Moves to Gut Payday Lender RegulationsDrugs

Why would politicians who claim to be "for the people" allow exploitation of low-middle income, and military personnel, by payday loan companies who charge up to 400 percent interest on a loan? To make their rich buddies richer, that's why.

Gun violence not linked to mental illness, researchers sayDrugs

You don't say. So mental illness cannot be blamed for the mass shootings in the country. Anger, hate, and rage are most likely the reasons. It is about time somebody with a bit of common sense researched the issue and published common sense results.

Surveys are showing overwhelming support for raising taxes on top earnersDrugs

Fox News viewers (and a majority of other citizens) polled in favor of taxing the rich regardless of what the Fox anchors say and complain about. Most Republicans agree also, so who are the ones against raising taxes on the rich? The rich, of course.

Superintendent is charged with using her son's insurance to help sick student, but she'll keep her jobDrugs

This is why this country is headed to hell. The laws manage to turn an act of kindness into a criminal offense. Just because it is a Law does not mean it serves the purpose of good. There are many Laws in this country that are backwards and unjust.

When North Korea Calls You OutDrugs

You know things are bad when a country with known human rights violations call out the human rights violations in the United States. This man can see the injustice from across the ocean yet some Americans can't even see how they are being mistreated. Sad.

Heavy Student Loan Debt Forces Many Millennials To Delay Buying HomesDrugs

And this is proof the economy is not as good as they claim. If debt increases to the point that the so-called American dream cannot be accomplished as easy, then there is a problem. Education is the key to upward mobility but education is expensive also.

2020 Census: The Big Fight For Money And Power Emerges Across AmericaDrugs

The census count can be good or bad. Good because the government understands better how to allocate resources and bad because the new administration is seeking naturalized citizens and illegal citizens. But no one knows who they consider illegal anymore.

Outsourcing Police Investigations to Google Risks Privacy and JusticeDrugs

The police state is officially active in all our lives. It's becoming real out here. We all have phones and can be tracked. It seems, however that even if you have done nothing, police makes mistakes and so does technology.

Death and Disappearance: Inside the World of Privatised WarDrugs

The rise of private armies is taking over government operations overseas. Almost gone are the days of U.S. troops and "boots on the ground," The United States has become more devious, treacherous, and more deadly by hiring professional hit men to fight their wars.

Five mass shootings in five daysDrugs

The media will cover up these shootings out of shame yet draw attention and degrade Black America using R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. The truth will not be ignored and their sins will reach the heavens..

Report Details Pence's Key Phone Call to Venezuelan Opposition LeaderDrugs

U.S. imperialism is becoming more obvious. Regardless of the outcome of another country's election, the United States should not intervene. Calling another country’s election illegitimate while its own election is questionable is the epitome of hypocrisy.

RNC votes to give Trump 'undivided support' ahead of 2020Drugs

Republicans are basically giving the presidency to Trump unchallenged. They truly believe this man is some kind of King and that he can do no wrong. But if this man is on the ballot for 2020, that means that Democracy is a joke.