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Terrorist Won the War on Terror in 2001

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This so-called War on Terror the United States currently fight was lost the day after 9/11 because America has lived in a state of fear every since, and even more so now. The paranoia is astounding. The racial profiling of Muslims, the lost of personal freedoms, the over-surveillance of society and the constant state of fear pushed out daily by the news media has made many people act without rationale.

The Terror organizations the United States' leadership target are nothing more than a group of gangsters with guns; a mafia; a street gang named by political leaders. They have no country, they have no army or navy, and they have no political platform or world government by which they stand. They are merely haters of Western values.

The fact the United States have waged world war on this small group of gang-bangers validate their need and lust for violence against anyone. September 11th was an act of defiance, not an act of war. White folks love war. It is pathetically comical to watch Congress, the news media, and the United States military plot to wipe out a bunch of thugs. And to watch millions of Americans shake in their boots over someone not even on their land is truly sad.

The simple fact that all this is happening confirms that America lost this so-called war long ago and will continue to lose until leadership address the issue maturely and not like a bunch of freaking kids looking for a fight. Ignore the terrorist. Give them no world-wide media attention and meanwhile go after them using a small force of soldiers with sneak attacks. When they hit with one of their terror attacks wherever it may be in the world; do not publicize it like it's the end of the world, just go where they are and hit them back.

Stop freaking out the world and strengthening security and frightening children and wasting time drawing up political bills and drafting deals with Middle Eastern countries that actually have nothing to do with the terrorism. Stop pointing the finger at Muslims and Islamic countries trying to find a reason to overthrow them. As long as the United States does that, there will be a small group of people who hate them.

American leadership is nothing but stupid, war and fear-mongering murderers seeking someone to hate other than themselves. They might as well send the military to South Central Los Angeles to fight the Crips and the Bloods, or wage war against the Mexican cartels living in American cities, or at least finish bringing down the mafia in New York. They do not know where the terrorist are, who they are or even what they want and why. They are just blindly bombing people and destroying lives. The War on Terror is a freaking joke.

Aug 2016


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