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Republicans: Educated, but not so Smart

psycho (89K)

It is becoming apparent that racism and racist attitudes will eventually be the death of the Republican Party. If they were as smart as their educational credentials accredit them, they could see that their numbers are only getting smaller against an increasingly colorful and foreign population. If only they had street smarts.

Street smarts would tell them that their attitude toward minorities, which show through multiple slip-of-the-tongues, publically offensive comments against minorities, women, and the poor, which require public apologies, have lost them votes and support by the hundreds of thousands year after year.

Afterward, instead of searching themselves for any fault or wrong-doing, they blame it on the Democrats and the government and even sometimes the very people they insult. Then in a barrage of shame, they get angrier and fire off more insults at minorities, women, and the poor; and the cycle continues; which in turn cost them more votes.

This same bigoted attitude hurts them with foreign policy also. On the foreign relations front, when there is an issue with another country, instead of diplomacy, negotiation or peace, they jump right to the concept of punishment; either by sanctions, the threat of war or actual war; anything that would gain them access to that country's goods or resources.

This approach causes the other country to take offense at America, (like American minorities do) and they react with whatever recourse they can. It may not be rioting or looting the corner store, but it may be burning the American flag, attacking American soldiers or an Embassy, taking Americans hostages or simply trash talking America because of their indifference. But still, Republicans do not consider it just may be their attitudes.

So now that the Republicans cannot get the people's individual votes, they are turning to corporations for money so they can basically buy votes and spend billions on trashy campaign infomercials, undermining the other guy. In their anger, they are teaching harsher racist views to their children and young people in college to preserve their supposed race superiority. But this too, will wane in the future because younger people are becoming more street smart since higher education cost so much, i.e., the poor. Ah the tangled web they weave.

The problem is not the government and government programs, or the difference of culture and/or race; the problem is the inability to accept these differences on a human level, which comes down to the concept of racism. That one thing they never want to admit to (being racist) will eventually be the fall of the Republican Party and eventually the whole country.

Aug 2016


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