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Trump Voters are either Ignorant or Racist, or Both

psycho (89K)

From the beginning of his campaign and the moment he mentioned building a wall, Trump locked in his voting bloc. He got more when he talked about banning Muslims, and the bloc only grew larger when his supporters started beating Black people at his rallies. There are no other reasons these people are voting for Trump other than these. Regardless of what they or the media says, "he's a good business man and will brings jobs, he's rich and knows how to make money for the country, or he's smart and can make America great again," these are all excuses to cover for American racism.

The media (who are basking in the revitalization of racism) are trying hard as hell to ignore these basic facts and to make Trump look less threatening. But it will never work because he has offended way too many people who live in reality instead of reality TV. They are going to continue to try until the day of election by bringing in token Blacks, Hispanics, and even some Muslims for them to shuck off the racist remarks and beliefs he and millions of Americans have. That they secretly, (even now openly) hate people of color and who are not lily white.

Then you have those who are plain ignorant. Not necessarily book ignorant, but lost in another world ignorant; one of reality TV. They have hopes of Trump possibly getting them a job, buying them a car or inviting them onto a reality show. They have lost touch with actual reality and are simply star struck by this fake persona of a man and believe someday they will share in his riches. They think he is funny, sexy, smart and successful when in reality he is an idiot. Trump is a spoiled brat with no respect for other people. Please pray for this country because if Trump becomes the president, America, and the world, will end as we know it.

Aug 2016


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