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God Never Blessed America

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God knows the heart of man. From the primal greed of the slave gathering - Indian killing forefathers to the Supreme Court justices of today, God is no fool. He reads the heart of men deeper than the oceans he created.

Anyone in their right mind, (and I do mean right mind), should have the God-given understanding that no God would ever condone slavery nor the slaughter of millions of indigenous people. And for the mind that introduced the concept that God would, to the prosperity of an entire nation, how may his soul rest right now?

The white man did not bring civilization or salvation to Africans and the North American Indians, he brought bondage, suffering, and deception, and on that note America was cursed from the beginning. All men reap what they sow and America has reaped the detriment of their sins against humanity over and over yet have not learned their lesson nor repented of their sins. Thus they will continue to reap.

Political candidates proclaim that protection of their families is priority yet their families (women, wives, sons, daughters and children) have been dying since Britain invaded this country. As a result of defiance against the Motherland in a fight for their freedom, America won the independent right to corrupt themselves.

Free to enslave and pillage the land, the forefathers declared inalienable rights under God yet never included God or his precepts in the will to live free. They beat, raped, and tortured Africans for their own pleasure while slaughtering, deceiving, and plundering the Native Americans. As a result, God gave them another chance to repent of their sins. And as expected they did not.

The Civil War was not just a war for States rights but a message from God that "no country divided against itself can stand." Thus they killed each other in spite of their own greed and self-importance. Even in the years following, those who lost their right to enslave linger in a perpetual state of anger, resentment and ignorance of God.

New and Jim Crow Laws, hangings, burnings, beatings and even legally organized efforts to control the masses they hate the most have been the guiding principle in this country we call the United States of America. However, beneath the fake persona of white charity lies the deafening scream of hatred for people of color. Does God bless this you ask?

America's problems are a curse. Police killing people, people killing other innocent people in mass amounts; a gun culture gone extreme and a justice system indifferent to it all. In addition to sex and lust running rampant indiscriminant of gender; trans-life, pedophilia, drug abuse, abuse of power, greed and many more vices that grip the people, leadership ignores it all. This is not a country where God pours His blessings. This is a country reprobate in mind.

Once reprobate, God has given up and turned His head. He does not honor the request of a people saturated in filth. He is not smiling on or standing behind leaders who do nothing. God is a God of mercy, truth and love, not oppression, lies and hate. He is not in the presence of hypocrites and liars, or murderers of the innocent or in the courtrooms of the unjust. He abides only in the hearts of the poor in spirit and He answers only the prayers of those who are true, merciful and loving.

The only way America can ever reconcile with God and to have His blessing, is to return the country to its rightful owners and compensate those who actually help build the country; Native Americans and Blacks. But because white America will never relinquish its privilege to those they deem beneath them, America will only get worse and God will continually close His ears to their so-called prayers.

July 2016


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