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The Immigration Lies of American Politicians

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Mexican Immigrants are not taking American jobs from white people; businesses in the United States are hiring them on illegal status and working them as cheap labor.

Mexicans are not draining the welfare system or taxpayers money; the United States government is giving benefits (food stamps and healthcare) to them on illegal status. Instead of acknowledging this truth, politicians are making Hispanics a target of white bigots in an extreme form of hypocrisy.

Now, in a rare moment of juvenile stupidity and blatant racism, talk of building a wall to keep Mexicans out of the country has replaced common logic. If a spoonful of sugar is placed just inside the front door and ants come from outside to get the sugar, removing the sugar to keep the ants out would be the most logical solution. But only a mind short of common sense would erect a Lego wall to solve the problem.

For white people to claim any kind of intelligence on an academic level or even a humanitarian level is seriously audacious. To play on the ignorance of voters by ignoring the reality of business and government enabling of illegal immigration is the epitome of deception and political dishonesty. And instead of designing a way for illegal immigrants to become citizens, they are more willing to create a hostile environment of deportation, vigilante injustice and violence.

What a nation of idiots.

July 2016


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