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Contradictions Everywhere, in Everything

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This information highway of constant news updates and recent studies is one big ball of contradiction and confusion. Because America is the country of free speech and free will, there is no solid ground for anything to actually be absolute; it's all theory based on whatever.

We live in a "do-nothing" society because no one knows exactly what to do because we do not know the real problem. We just sit back and publish stuff that looks good and easy to believe and people soak it up and store it in their brains until they are so confused that no one knows what they are talking about in any given conversation.

At times, the morning news headlines are blown up with how good the economy is growing and later in the day or the next day, there is another report from another source that says the economy is stagnant. One day unemployment is slowing and the next day it is up all over the country. Same with Global Warming; One day the earth is falling apart and the next day experts boast how well the green industry is doing on becoming more efficient.

Many times new technology is announced that will help save the planet or save us money or time but those technologies are never actually seen or heard from again, or are never brought into reality. One weekend crime has dipped around the country and the next weekend there is news on how the prison system is growing.

Research arises claiming some foods are good to eat and six months later, even newer research says some of those foods are not good for your health. One year there is a life-threatening disease that has the potential to kill millions of Americans and then the screen goes blank and you never hear about the disease again, until ten years later.

Sometimes, according to popular polls, the people are for the Democrats and it looks good for them as election time nears but the next day there is news that a new poll says the Republicans are leading in popularity.

What is more trippy is that when a crises hits the national fan, everyone comes to the front to help solve the problem and talk about the problem, but it never gets solved and is soon forgotten about. One thing that is not quite noticeable to people who are not really paying attention, is when an agenda or policy is brought to the light and struck down by the people; the agenda keeps coming back stronger and stronger, year after year in politics and in the courts until it is passed regardless of what the people want.

Companies go under investigation for defrauding the people but no changes are made and the people continue to be defrauded, but only in different ways. Laws are proposed, talked about in the media and voted on but never passed; and then never heard from again. Charities are investigated, corporations, CEOs, banks and many other agencies are brought into the media as suspicious but nothing ever changes. Nothing, ever changes.

Aug 2016


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