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Concealed Carry will backfire Big-time

psycho (89K)

Expect a serious backlash from the new concealed carry and vigilante laws our national is adopting. A step backwards to the Wild West is basically what we are faced with. With a high percentage of people carrying guns, there are sure to be accidents, mistakes, and injustices on the way.

The difference between the Wild West then and the gun culture of today is that back then people were more restrained in their actions and a code was followed as to when to shoot someone and when to shoot to kill someone. The many triggers in today's society have not been defined and there are no clear boundaries; such as in the case of Trayvon Martin and the neighborhood watch guy, and the cases of all the school shootings.

There is not enough self-control, let alone social control in today's society. The police cannot even be expected to control their impulses when it comes to using their weapons in reasonable judgment. How can an average person with no criminal record, or a child, expect to be responsible for instantly and legally becoming judge and jury when it comes to another's life?

The United States criticizes other countries for their exploitation of children of ten and 11-years old carrying AK-47s yet defend against a nine-year old girl accidentally killing her gun instructor, saying all the nation needs is more gun training. That is the epitome of hypocrisy. It reveals a culture that thrives on the intimidation factor that a gun carries. All forms of negotiation and justice are lost.

As always, the supporters of any gun-related, vigilante justice laws will soon see via statistics that a gun in the hands of people who have no self-constraint, no respect for the public or social rules (including police) in a society meshed with strife, drama, racial and ethnic tension, can turn any society into a free-for-all war zone.

For individuals who are concerned for the future of America and its gun culture, the solution is not to go and purchase a gun to protect against undisciplined folks, because you yourself will become transformed into the same, but to retreat into the solace and faith of peace. And pray daily that you and your family are protected through God's graces.

Aug 2016


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