Character Silhouettes

Below are characters from the Macktown Novels collection; from the leading character down to the least mentioned. Everyone plays a part and is essential in advancing the plot. The characters will be broken down and grouped by which street crew, organization, or government position they hold:

Perry Project Pips
  • Humphrey Lawson - Hump; Top dog of the Perry Project Pips; project bred; wanted, infamous, dangerous.
  • Willie Boe - Boe; Hump's right hand; project bred; hard core, no-nonsense.
  • Curry Boy - Curry Boy; Hump's left hand; project bred, banger, thug.
  • Butchy Scagg - Butchy; project bred, bully, banger, hood runner.
  • Domino Jackson - Dommy; project bred, banger, thug, hood runner.
  • Jimmy Sneed - Sneed; project bred; hit man, hood runner, thug.
  • Frank Malone - Silk; Perryville bred; hood runner, ladies man, thug.
  • Floyd Moon - Mooney; Perryville bred; drug dealer, hood runner, thug.
  • Jack Jackson - Jackalonie; project bred; hit man, banger, hood runner, thug.
  • Mississippi Black - Black; from Mississippi; Hump's prison contact, hood runner.
  • Tone Parker - T-Stone; project bred; hit man, banger, hood runner, thug.
  • Tommy Styles - Styles; project bred; young thug, hood runner, banger.
  • Rodney Meese - Meese; Perryville bred; young thug, drug dealer, banger.
  • Clyde Stash - Stash; Perryville bred; drug dealer, hood runner, young thug.
  • Drake James - Drake; project bred; drug dealer, hood runner, banger, thug.
  • Dexter Miles - Dexter; Perryville bred; hit man, young thug, hood runner, banger.
  • Larry Pinch - Pinch; Perryville bred; drug dealer, young thug, banger.
  • Janet Gene - Genie; South side bred; Humphrey's wife.
  • Nita Skinny - Skinny; South side bred; Genie's girl; sneaky.
  • Debbie Sweet - Sweet; North side bred; Sneed's woman, hustler, street smart.
Jackville Community Organization - The JCO
  • Priscilla Pearl - President; African beauty; community activist, bright, no-nonsense.
  • Moses Stone - Vice President; Radio DJ; JCO public radio and television personality.
  • Foster Friend - Mack Times newspaper Editor; JCO publisher; truth seeker; no-nonsense.
Get Saved Gospel Church
  • Pastor Terry Mills - Pastor, community activist; true disciple.
  • Bobby West - Church minister; Healing Temple founder, community activist.
  • Jennifer West - Bobby's wife; community activist.
  • Rico Gray - Church minister; community activist.
East Side Gangs
  • Calvin Paul - Dirty Paul; Top dog Lester Boys; thug, banger, later Yancy Dude
  • Curtis Paul - Calvin's brother; banger, thug.
  • Kevin Lee Pearson - Calvin's right hand; banger, thug.
  • Clay Barnes - Top dog Drew Street Pimps; thug, banger.
  • Nick Bones - Top dog Rosa Parks Players; big time pimp; hustler.
  • Poochie Brown - Top dog Rosa Parks Players banger crew; banger, thug.
Minks Mob
  • Anthony Minks - Top dog; South side bred; loan-shark; thug, bully.
  • Mr. Dean - Minks right hand; south side bred; hit man/collector, thug.
  • Max Clean - Mob hit man/collector; south side bred; thug.
  • Al Fats - south side bred; collector, ladies man.
Tenth Street Crew
  • Johnny Dimes - Top dog; hustler, bookie, loan-shark, thug, high roller.
  • Danny Dimes - Johnny's brother; hustler, bookie, thug.
  • Vinny Smiles - West side bred; Dimes right hand; hustler, hit man, high roller.
Gino James Cartel
  • Gino James - Top dog; Puerto Rican native; high roller, drug dealer, business man.
  • Pushy Martin - West side bred; drug dealer, bully, banger, thug, hit man.
  • Sammy Simms - Detroit bred; drug dealer, high roller.
  • Specs Morgan - St. Louis bred; drug dealer, high roller, nerd.
  • Joe Muggs - New York bred; drug dealer, hit man, bully.
  • Ann Fox - Foxie; Gino's woman; north side bred; street smart, dangerous, sexy.
42nd Street Boys
  • James Dutch - Kanine; Top dog; project bred; hustler; banger, drug dealer, thug.
  • Bigape Mahoney - Bigape; project bred; hustler, banger, drug dealer, thug.
  • James Cain - Cain; project bred; hustler, banger, drug dealer, thug.
  • Al Roach - Roach; project bred; drug dealer, hood runner, thug.
  • Blackie Banks - Blackie; project bred; owner of Drag Taxi, hustler.
  • Mike Deuce - Ducey; project bred; drug dealer, thug, hood runner, hit man.
West Hills Homeboys
  • Allen Wells - Shoeshine; Top dog; project bred; stone hustler, thug, gangster.
  • Rudy Days - Root; project bred; hustler, thief, drug dealer, thug.
  • Nutball - Nutball; project bred; hustler, thief, murderer, thug, crazy.
  • Joe Slack - Slack; 16th Street Top dog; hustler, banger, thug.
  • Juice Jones - Juice; west side bred; small time pimp, crook, hustler.
  • Jack Happening - West Hills bred; owner of the Happenings night club, pimp, hustler.
  • Chilly Bill - Chilly; West side bred; hustler, pimp, drug dealer, gun runner, you name it.
  • Pony Ford - Pony; 16th Street bred; hustler, crook, thug.
  • Eddie Gooch - Gooch; Top dog of West Side Dogs; thug, bully, drug dealer.
  • Blip - Gooch's right hand; west side bred; drug dealer, banger, thug.
West Hills Home Girls
  • Jackie Tripp - Juice's old woman; hustler, high-end call girl, quick tempered.
  • Ann Fannie - Shoeshine's woman; drug dealer, hustler, quick tempered, banger.
  • Bootsy Rowe - prostitute, hustler, drug dealer, devious, attitude.
  • Debbs - Low-end prostitute, hustler, drug dealer, ditsy, smart mouth.
  • Tasty Simms - Pony's woman; smart, sexy, drug dealer, quiet, sneaky.
  • Maxine Mables - Maxi - Low-end prostitute; thief, hustler, smart mouth, thug.
City Officials
  • Willie Preston - Ex-Macktown Mayor; good mayor, caught up in scandal, unseated as Mayor.
  • Mike Mendota - Ex-Mayor; best Mayor; honest, forced out by scandal; unseated.
  • Grover Gold - Corrupt Mayor; crooked, hated, unfair, current Mayor.
  • Police Chief Marlow - good cop; fair, serious, no-nonsense.
  • Fatboy McGraw - Lead Detective - hard core, serious, no-nonsense.
  • Janet Crimm - City DA - Pretty, hard worker, serious, no-nonsense, honest.
  • Lance King - School Super - Hard worker, company man, passive.
  • Wilma Warren - Social Services Director - white woman, company woman, government dedicated.
  • Tony Cuffs - Lead DEA Agent - hard core; negotiator, no-nonsense, street smart.
  • Frank Walls - State Senator - crooked, devious, educated.
  • Scott Milner - Governor - crooked, sneaky, conservative, educated, good ole boy.
  • Sonny Shaw - Banglewood Mayor - corrupt, arrogant, educated.
  • Justine Jenkins - Banglewood Police Chief - mean, corrupt, arrogant, no-nonsense.
  • Ray Lacy - Banglewood City Planner - hard worker, honest, educated, caught up in scandal.
  • Day Cozy - Promise Land Director - visionary, educated, wise, bright sister.
  • Marcia Donovan - Clothing Designer - educated, successful, bright sister.
  • Freda Ladymay Gene - Macktown Madam; Pimptress, hustler, mild-mannered, devious, rich.
  • Triflin Sally Ann - Ladymay's assistant; hustler, educated, serious, dark and pretty.
  • Darlene Darling Miller - Old school chick; rich, serious hustler, devious, sneaky, lowdown.
Yancy Dudes
  • Hank Towns - Top dog; project bred; hard core gangster, crack dealer, murderer, thug.
  • Buford Towns - Lakeside - second in command; crack dealer, laid back, banger, hit man.
  • Louis Towns - Boss Louie - Oldest brother; hustler, banger, thug.
  • Bernard Towns - Peewee - bully, quick tempered, murderer, crack dealer, hit man, thug.
  • Jackson Demps - Books - nerd, accountant for Yancys; smart, educated, murderer.
  • Eli Moody - Eli - crack dealer, banger, hit man, thief.
  • Levi Moody - Tree - crack dealer, banger, hit man, thief.
  • Calvin Paul - Dirty Paul - crack dealer, hit man, thug.
  • Eddie Gooch - Gooch - crack dealer, thug, bully, hit man.
  • Charlene Moody - Charlie - pretty, serious, crack dealer, hit woman, angry, bossy, mean.
  • Nate Dacky - Dack - crack dealer, old school, banger, thug.
  • Mofoni Obi - Mofoni - crack dealer, old school, banger, thug, cool.
  • Stella Towns - Stella - Hank's niece; good girl gone bad, gangsterette, crack dealer.
  • Leon Lowdown Jefferies - Top dog; crack dealer, wannabe thug.
  • Pop Martin - Pushy's little brother; Top dog, crack dealer, bully, gangster.
  • Cowboy - Lowdown's right hand, crack dealer, thug
The Eighties
  • Tony Segal - Tony - Top dog; bully, fighter, crack dealer, thief, thug.
  • Pete Cooley - Cool Baby - Tony's right hand; crack dealer, bully, thug, hustler.
  • Rick Brown - Rudolph - Tony's left hand; crack dealer, laid back, thug, thief, hustler.
  • Marlin French - French - Old school gangster, hit man, accountant, thief.
  • Bobo Base - Bobo - Old school gangster, hit man, gambler, hustler.
  • Cesar Jones- Cesar - crack dealer, gangster, hit man, thug, bully, hustler.
  • Casey Jones - Gunny - crack dealer, gangster, hit man, hustler.
Banglewood Community Organization - NOPE
  • Cyrus Price - President; community activist, serious, truth seeker, no-nosense.
  • Nina Gold - Grover Gold's daughter - turned community activist, educated, pretty.
  • Sherry Walls - Shay - Senator Wall's daughter; good girl turned informant.
Throwback Characters
  • Lucibelle Lucy Lawson - Humphrey's mother; high school dropout, teenage mother; hustler, activist.
  • Steven Lawson - Humphrey's father; hustler, dropout, drug dealer, activist.
  • Grandma - Humphrey Lawson's grandmother; project bred, getting old.
  • Shank Mills - Steven's partner; Old school gangster, drug dealer, hustler, business man.
  • Jackville Bruce - Top dog of Lawson Boys; Steven's bodyguard, hustler, banger, thug.
  • Trina Apples - Jack Happenings girl, Darlings assistant, Steven and Lucy's babysitter.
  • Pimp Willie - Banglewood pimp and hustler, Yancy thug, antagonist.
  • Pookie Moon - Chilly's protégée; rapper, dancer, pimp, drug dealer, gun runner, thug.