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childsupport (2K)Challenging the Child Support System

Here is an issue that truly needs to be addressed by our so-called Black leaders and abandoned by every Black couple. The child support system aside from the prison system is one of the most destructive systems of the Black man, woman, and child in the country. Yet Black leaders refuse to speak on this system because it may tarnish their images as being against a system that is supposedly helping children.

For whatever reason, couples break-up, but the remedy is not to go to the child support system, which has become the going trend. The answer is for the couple to work things out between themselves without intervention of this destructive system. Because once a woman files papers against the father, regardless of whether he intends on supporting the child or not after the break-up, that man's future, as well as the child's and the woman's, is now shot to hell.

The child support system does not help children no more than it destroys Black families, the future of Black children, the needs of Black women, and the efforts for success of Black men. This fact must be acknowledged and researched by our leaders and so-called law makers if any progress is to be made toward the social development of Black America. If researched thoroughly enough, one will find that this system is more destructive than constructive.

Black women are also being broken by this system because they lose something they truly need, which is the Black man, yet in his place they have supplemented their lives with the child support system. And in the near future, they eventually find another man who is also a victim of the system, so the reciprocal effect is obviously destructive because children lose fathers and Black men in turn lose their children to a system designed to break up the family.

womenargue (1K)How come Black leaders and Black women cannot see this defeatist system for what it truly is, one that has turned Black women against Black men not to mention Black women against each other, and causing frustration and indifference in Black men toward their families. We have ignorantly like dumb oxen absorbed the lie that Black men are negligent and irresponsible yet never questioning the motives and practices (and accomplishments) behind the system itself, when in fact, most Black men do not have to be forced to support their children.

In this case, the chicken came first. When the child support system was created and implemented into the lives of the American family after the destruction the welfare system did to the modern family, it pushed the man from the home and took his place. Once men discovered that there was a government system that would support their children instead of him taking the responsibility of doing it himself, he gave his family over to the system.

Likewise, once women discovered that they can get money from the government by doing nothing but having children while at the same time sticking it to the man who left them, they took complete advantage of the system and used it as a crutch against the breakdown of bad relationships. The system, in turned caused much friction among families and thereafter took its place. However, it disguised itself as the mender of families in place of negligent men.

money (2K)The child support system does not necessarily have the well-being of the child at heart any longer. Instead it has the fundamental goal of collecting money from men who have been demonized and profiled as negligent, regardless of how they feel, act, or attempt to support their child(ren). It is in the business of collections, not intervention or family repair, but simple greed.

Black leaders are afraid to address this issue because it is better to place blame on Black men for the cause of child poverty than on the intervention of this government system. The issue is a politically correct time bomb waiting to sabotage any politician or prominent figure who wants to challenge the so-called good intensions of the system. It is not quite ready for public scrutiny so Black leaders avoid it.

Truth is, the child support system is biased, racist, and a feminist regime that has it out for men, (a man tax) and particularly Black men. If it can threaten men by suspension of licenses, business ventures, IRS return interception, credit destruction, and jail time, while at the same time deprive a man of good jobs and opportunity; it can cripple an entire generation of men, particularly Black men, and go about its business.

However, what Black women and Black leaders seem to forget is that there is another generation of Black men and women growing and the after effects of the destruction of this system will have a bearing on them also because they grow without fathers, in poverty, and dependant on the state. Black women, also, depend on government checks, enforcement of child support on men they simply had sex with and got pregnant, and they go unquestioned about their sexual negligence or choice of partners.

The system devalues the family structure, the father/child relationship, and the Black man/woman relationship. This system is most detrimental to development of Black families because Black families are caught up so deep in the system that it has and will continue to separate the male/female bond from here on, by reducing chances of success, self-development, and family relations.

Then we hear Black leaders stand up publically and bewail urban Black families and men for their behavior toward one another and toward their children while neglecting to mention or bring attention to the destructive force of the child support system on the family. This is blatant hypocrisy, mental laziness, and racist conformist on the part of Black leaders and women.

Continuing to ignore such a destructive system is extremely negligent on the part of so-called Black leaders and law makers. They must either, stand up against this system and demand change or they should keep their mouths shut from here on about the state of Black America, their shortcomings, lifestyle choices, and accomplishments. Own up or shut the hell up.

© July 2007 By CR Hamilton

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