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ApexOutdoors04_08 (65K)Being Real About Provocative Dress

This subject cannot get any simpler than what the eye can actually see. If a woman dresses provocatively around men - at the workplace or anywhere men are - expect nothing less than what the outfit is intended to do, which is draw attention. The "looking pretty causes me to feel good about myself" excuse for wearing clothes that reveal all but the insides, is weak and women know it.

Sexual harassment cases in the workforce because men make unwanted sexual advances toward women has merit, as long as the issue of dress is not involved. It is here we enter the gray area. Otherwise, the case is cut and dry.

Women who "feel" better about themselves when they wear provocative clothing around men are doing nothing more than inviting an unwanted guest to dinner. And when women shamelessly flaunt their goods in a public domain and condescendingly and or naively believe their actions are innocent, they have become openly defiant and skilled manipulators of society's values.

This behavior is equivalent to attending the funeral of a dead lover in spite of the spouse being present. To boot, the spouse attacks the living lover who then takes the spouse to court for assault; dashing salt into an open wound. Not only does the provoker lack respect for themselves, but also for those they affect during the course.

Yet, the clouded cultural values of today's society would have to ponder a fair verdict in such cases, like that of sexual harassment in the workforce when provocative dress is involved. For this reason, the burden of proof, however, should never lie solely on society, but on the conduct of the female, in cases of rape, for instance.

No man has the right to force himself sexually on a woman and should face harsh penalties of the law. Furthermore, no man should ever put his hands on a woman for any reason unless the two are married. The Bible says that a man should never touch a woman so to deter fornication and should have a wife to fulfill his sexual desires.

As a man would uphold self respect and dignity and not defile a woman that is not his wife, so should a woman respect men and herself and dress modestly and discretely in a public place. This simple belief in more women would contribute to a lesser sexual crime rate if abided. Stats show in other cultures where women do dress modestly, sexual crime rates are much lower. Unfortunately, American society believes that unbridled sexual appeal comes with the times and any other ways of thinking is obsolete.

What is modest dress? When these body parts are concealed:

  1. Thighs
  2. Breast cleavage
  3. Shoulders
  4. Bellies
  5. Backs
  6. Butt Cheeks
  7. Arm pits

Many women are now appalled and will not be able to get dressed for work in the morning or even to leave the house because either of these body parts act as trophies for today's physically fit, fashion poster girl. Sad but true.

American society has glamorized sexuality and deemed it fashionable, trendy, and acceptable for everyday lifestyle, which makes it too far gone for redemption. What is most sad is that when a sexual crime arises, jury peers are much too blinded by the trends to judge accordingly.

Basic natural law says that if a woman exploits her body as a thing of beauty or sexual appeal, the consequences of human sexuality will have its way. Though we live in the so-called technological and industrial era of advancement, human nature remains primitive.

© July 2005 By CR Hamilton

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