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blkfather (1K)The Father Vs the Government:
Debunking the Theories of the Child Support System - Conclusion

After a brief interlude from this series, and more extensive research on the topic, an ultimate conclusion has been reached. The chances of fathers, men, and Black men in particular breaking even or rising above this gender controversy, or even obtaining the chance of a calm settlement is utterly unattainable.

Aside from Slavery and Jim Crow in the 400-plus year foundation of the United States Judicial system, never has the practice of injustice been so calculatingly and conspicuously unchangeable. The federal government has granted the wishes of many women's movements their wildest dream, which is to legally punish men without the slightest bit of recourse.

The Child Support system in cahoots with the alimony/family courts system is the most biased systems where it pertains to human rights in the country. Case in point, if a convicted sex offender or an illegal immigrant can obtain and keep the privilege to drive yet a non-custodial parent (father) has their privilege revoked based on the animosity of a female, this country has truly lost its ability to reason.

As stated before in the series, it is understandable that a man who knowingly refuses to support his child (ren) suffer the consequences pre-determined by the courts and natural law. However, when all men have to suffer regardless of their intent, the laws have overstepped the boundaries of God-given, civil rights and liberties.

The sad but real truth is that, through all of America's claims and programs geared toward "the children," the feed the children programs, child safety precautions, i.e., car seats, child proof this and that, rights for children and all, the one system that exist strictly for he benefit of children care not for the children at all, but care only about the money they collect.

Many children have been found wanting in the child support system. Many continue to go without, not because of the father, but because child support payments are not dispensed correctly or sometimes not at all.

Many women cannot live on child support alone and resort to welfare; however, once a woman applies for and receives welfare or Medicaid, their child support check then goes toward the repayment of what they received from welfare, thus the child once again suffers from a life of poverty, in addition, the father is not per se providing support for the child, but repaying the welfare system.

The prison system has set in place the practice of parole, whereby prisoners are assessed at least once a year to find change or remorse in the prisoner's demeanor. Drug addicts have rehabilitation centers all over the country to wipe clean their bodies from drugs to give them a second chance.

Murderers are released from prisons and allowed to restart their lives to a point and are forgiven by many; however, a non-custodial parent has none of the above systems set in place for reevaluation or reassessment of their ability or desire to raise their own children, furthermore, they are subjected to many forms of punishment from license suspension (professional and drivers), to arrears appearing on credit reports, which denies them employment opportunities to now many employers, to federal tax interception, and jail time.

The problem with the punishments is that if applied consecutively, the man's ability to survive is diminished greatly thus launching that man into a life of poverty regardless of his intensions and or abilities, in addition to lessening his means to support his child, and any children afterward.

Though the Bible says that a man who does not support his child is worst than an infidel, not all men are infidels, unfortunately, this is the way the child support system, backed by feminist organizations, view and treat all men, as infidels.

The strength of men's organizations is naught compared to the women's rights movements. Politicians and mainstream media ignore men's organizations that attempt to fight against this injustice and their efforts thwarted because of the lasting influence of women's groups.

Men in positions of power are afraid to tamper with the female interest groups in fear of losing their support or voting bloc. Lawyers refuse to touch any cases because they know and were taught in law school and from experience that such cases are losing cases. Male leaders and lawmakers have become feminized and immune to the needs and struggles of men on the whole issue.

As stated earlier, there are men who do not support their children but not all men are this way. The problem is there is no system in place to determine who is who, thus all men and fathers are lumped together as one huge deadbeat dad. To openly deprive a man of his God-given right and gift to support his child is the cruelest feat of humanity. In time, as always, society will learn that the hard way.

As the rate of husbands shooting their wives lawyers inside and outside of the courtroom rise, and wives come up missing and dead, and children are kidnapped and the whole family found dead, the message will become clearer. Love, life and death knows no gender.

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© July 2005 by CR Hamilton

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