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news (2K)The Truth about the News Media

Network and cable news is not what you think. It is not a medium designed to inform you of current news happenings in your community, nation, and world. It is not a vehicle used to keep you updated, abreast, or on-top of new developments, breaking stories, or mainstream trends. No. The news media is a device set in place by much higher authorities to distract the public from issues and events that would otherwise strengthen you or make your life better.

Think about it. Information the public really needs is not broadcast to them openly but is hidden deep in thousand-page by-laws, corporate and banking policy, congressional meetings, local council and state assemblies, and buried within volumes of legalities in archived libraries open only to those with valid identification. What we see on the news are distractions from what is important, and not only is the media designed to distract, but to shape public opinion about many issues all to the advantage of certain people, not the publics.

Television and news media is a massive social mind programming operation geared toward manipulating thoughts, actions, and opinions of society at large. Whatever higher authorities want the public to think, act like, or believe, they will create and edit an agenda over a period of years that would bring forth its results at a selected time.

For instance, a public figure was warned some years ago that the white race will become a minority in America. From that point a media campaign was launched and a target market was created (white women) to thwart this from happening and programs such as primetime dramas, day-time soaps, commercials, news stories and documentaries were instituted that were to subliminally implant repopulation into the minds of white women and particularly white families. More stroller (3K)emphasis was placed on child rearing, schooling, parenting and strengthening intimate relationships among couples, in mediums like talk shows, commercials, day time soaps, movies, and drama. The objective was to encourage white women to have more babies.

This campaign and campaigns like this that target certain issues in society are launched all the time right under our noses but we cannot necessarily pin-point the agenda because it is mixed with other messages designed to make change elsewhere is society. Another massive media campaign that was formatted during the eighties was the feminization of men and the destruction of the male responsibility in society in order to place more women in power. We are now living and reaping those results.

Most media-target campaigns designed to influence society are put into place decades at a time so to bring change in the near future. They are fashioned with current trends - to capture the viewer's attention - and promise either change, improvement, or ease for or in the viewer's life. The campaigns are so subtly ingrained in what the viewer sees that their actions automatically take on the image or persona of whatever the media has created for them, to the point that the viewer has no chance of developing their own person or clearly forming their own opinion.

Not only do the media have power to influence social lifestyle, but they have the power to make or destroy any one person who has made a certain impact on social or public opinion. Hidden agendas on certain people become the root of a campaign long before the actual campaign is put into place. Prominent public figures such as movie stars, sports or political figures, and social activist are brought into the mainstream media spotlight and are either cast as positive or negative onto society without regard to what society thinks or feels about that person, they are indoctrinated by the images and reports of that person by the media.

The author of the famous book Harry Potter is a prime example of how the media can catapult one person into a billionaire position overnight. Though hundreds, maybe even thousands of fantasy fiction books were written along the same lines and time as Harry Potter, it was this author that the media chose to promote, via commercials, talk and morning shows, newsstands and media worldwide. The question is why this author, which underscore the hidden agenda of television media as to the chosen of who and why.

Many authors' books, unknown websites, low-budget movies and television dramas are chosen based on what trends society wants to promote at the time, who knows who and who owes who a favor, or what someone in particular positions will get as a result of the deal. It is not so much personal merit that exalts most people into fame, but what people the media has chosen to promote for whatever reason. In fact, people and businesses get rich overnight simply because they were mentioned on one of televisions major news or talk shows.

faces (21K)Likewise, some people and groups of people are cast as negative to the public to the point of public distain. Their careers are destroyed, their image is dragged though the mud, and their life crumbled before the world. Depending on the social atmosphere of the issue at hand, the media has the power to twist any issue any which way they want with spin and create either a villain or a hero and the public unconsciously accepts the image and if not are considered contrary to popular opinion, unpatriotic, or conspiracy theorist and thereafter any opinions otherwise are ostracized and downplayed.

To justify apparent acts of injustice or favoritism, be it political, military, or social, the news media cast supposed hand-picked scholars and experts that illegitimately rationalize social wrongs. Using glossy logic and flattering words, these experts double-team viewers bringing into question the intelligence of the average citizen. The mental manipulation is uncanny.

Popular news shows are staffed with puppeteer news anchors controlled by billionaire media conglomerates. Free speech is an illusion in this world of misinformation. Public opinion is shaped by the agendas of the wealthy and powerful in their quest for more, complete public control, and power over the masses to sale, do, or outlaw whatever they want without recourse from the people.

Politicians pass legislation behind the public's back, underneath the table, and no questions are asked, and if they are, they are squashed so fast the public soon forgets the question. Major news stories are not major, they are agendas. Most stories are touched upon then buried; many are briefed then discarded, and hundreds of stories each day are underreported or not reported at all. Yet in its place is an irrelevant story based on the suburban life of white females, boring political scandal, or the latest Hollywood whoredom.

poverty (4K)The media ignores the average working class person and focuses on the middle to upper-income. When working or low-income people are profiled, it is either about a crime, a tragedy, or something unbelievable, otherwise, the regular programming is geared toward the lifestyles of the upper-income. They talk of fashion, travel, food and entertainment all of which are too expensive for the average worker but reflects the lifestyles of the wealthy.

They waste time and money on stories that compliment the rich such as cruise ship how-tos, expensive dining out tips, mixing and matching clothing from designers who were of the chosen few to become rich by friends of families of old money. When covering a story on the average person, the media undermines and makes light of them by using overtones of pity and empathy laced with arrogance. Afterward they return to the regular agenda of broadcasting another story as a day in the lives of the upper-income and wealthy.

blacks (3K)As it pertains to race, society is constantly divided and sectioned off. The news media has successfully destroyed the image of Blacks in America and are now working on the Islamic culture. They could as easily bring respect to any people as easy as they can destroy them. However, not only is race an issue, but gender, age, and income levels are all targets. Depending on whom the media feels should be hated or liked determines the next wave of media programming.

Propaganda is what the news media feeds the public, not news. American society is being deceived and led to a slaughter of our minds and futures by allowing ourselves to be controlled by a system of apparent evil intensions. The scary part is this system begins by targeting our children in ways to mold them as dependants of a nation destine to control their every thought, opinion, actions and fears.

After being told what to fear, who to fear, and why to fear them, the public is given antidotes through the use of medication and drugs, therapies, how-tos, and dos and don'ts of how to cope in a society that is constantly on the brink, infected by, and threatened by unseen forces. Control of this sort is evil and the people must be aware. The news media is lying to you and does not have your best interest at heart. Believe it or parish in ignorance.

© Aug. 2007 by CR Hamilton

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