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peace (11K)We Need a New Theory of Education
By Theo

Hello everyone, I want to talk a little bit about a subject that we have discussed on this forum several times. My goal today is to get us talking about education from outside of just creating children who are going to make contributions to America because that is not going to guarantee our survival as a people.

Our education as a people goes beyond gaining equal opportunities in this country. Education for us is more about the survival of our race and that is very serious. Know in order for us to guarantee our survival on this earth the way we approach education must change dramatically from our approach today.

I'm going to discuss and add in some of my thoughts and ideas on how we can bring into realization a new theory of education for black people.

The first thing we have to come into realization of is that we are not the same as white people. We have to get over this myth that the only differences we have with other people is the color of our skin. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Our skin color itself indicates that we had a completely different historical evolutionary experience as an African people than whites. The way our bodies are sculptured tells us this as well.

All of these things have a much deeper meaning to how the African has evolved in this world. So what does that mean to us as a people when we talk about creating a new theory of education? Quite simply it means that before you can develop a theory of education that is conducive to what we what to accomplish as a people, we must first develop concepts and theories that deal with learning to understand our physiology. We have to look at our evolutionary history as a people to understand our bodies.

I think one of the reasons we suffer from so many different ailments is because we have not took the time as a people to study our evolutionary history to understand how we grow and develop. Europeans bodies have been determined by their historical and evolutionary experience and their experience as a people is not the same experience as African people. It does not make sense for us to follow behind them in terms of our health and fitness and overall well-being as a people.

Before we can even begin to talk about creating a curriculum for our children we have to first develop knowledge of our bodies. So that we can create a curriculum that is conducive to how we grow and develop physically as a people. We have to study our bodies and how are brain develops. So that we don't put our children in an educational system that is not setup to meet their physical and emotional demands.

And example of this would be if we study our history and how that history relates to our physical and psychological experience in America, we see that by age six our children start showing a decline in their curiosity about learning and education. We see that this decline is reinforced by the negative images and the psychological legacy of slavery and white supremacy. We could use that knowledge and our first task in developing a new theory of education for our children would be to develop a curriculum for the first five to six years of our children academic experience that actively confront the realities of what we call the "Willie Lynch Syndrome."

Those first few years of our children life is very important to us and we have got to take them back without being apologetic about it. Even to this day our children are bombarded with all types of negative images that still tells them that it is not innate in them to be intelligent and curious about the heavens and earth. So this is reflective in their approach to academics.

Also we have to deal with our history as well and recognize that all the maladaptive characteristics we have as a people serve a very real political purpose for other people. So that means that if we recognize that our people have had a problem with trusting and depending on one another, then we must create a curriculum for our children that motivates and rewards them to develop those characteristics in one another.

If our children suffer from low self esteem and they don't have a firm foundation about their own sense of self because we have been made to believe that African people do not have a real place in this world as men and women, then it is up to us to create a curriculum that reaffirms our children and implant in them a real sense of self worth and love for their people.

This must be done in a way that is real and not by just saying how proud you are of being black. I think the first way of getting this accomplished is by instilling in our children a real sense of purpose. We must implant this in our children the first few years of their lives until it becomes second nature to them.

They must understand very early that they represent more than their individual selves and that they are all small pieces to a much bigger African puzzle. We can enforce these values in our children while at the same time introducing them to reading, and math, and science and writing.

I'm not a teacher but we could create exercises that teach math and the other basic fundamentals while enforcing our values of love for self and your race. As well as teaching them to be reliable on one another and to respect one another.

When it is all said and done our goal as a people should be to create a curriculum for our children that is not as concerned about how well they our doing in class compared to whites and other children. The major concern for us is to reprogram our children those first few years of their lives.

So that when they get to the next level of their educational experience, they will be fully aware and adjusted for the next phrase of their academic life. This part of their experience will prepare them to become the type of men and women we need to solve the problems we have as a people.

I would like to discuss with everyone ways we can develop curriculums for the first few years of our children lives that can effectively reprogram them into black people who are well motivated and are more than willing to learn in their next phrase of their academic experience to use their genius for the betterment of their people.

Also I must note that like Dr. Amos Wilson said we are born with an early genius as a people. Our task must be to learn how to continue that genius on through our later lives. So our first question should be how do we create a social and academic and political environment for our people that can get the most out of us and maximize on that early potential?

© May 2006 By Afromerica

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