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Parental envolvement in a child's education is vital not only for the child's self-esteem and confidence, but for the ability for that child to succeed in life. We encourage all parents, especially Blacks ones, to get involved.

Articles of Parenting School Children

Below are the concerns of a Black woman who sees the need for reformation in the U.S. Educational system. If we all saw what she sees it would definitely be a site for crying eyes. I encourage and challenge parents and black educators alike to instill within our Black children the self-esteem and self-respect to know that they are even brighter and more unique than their white counterparts.

The Education of the Black Child

"To break it down to you a little better, the educational system wants Black-Children to meet with the same educational standards (equally) as the white children (middle-class) as if they are actually treated equally in this society.

As if the Black-English - in which the Black-Child learns from family and the neighborhood - is negative and bad because it is not the white standard english.

They want the behavior, the emotional and general personality development, and the acceptance of certain curriculum programs. If the Black child differs in any way from the white child then the Black child is a problem and may need to see a psychiatrist.

The I.Q. test is not social-cultured. I can go on and on and on. However the system has to put a stop to depreciating and devaluating Black-Children because they are differ from white children, and learn to accept the difference rather than use words to take away a childs self-confidence.

And us Parents are not helping because when we do have one of our children who is doing well in school we go around saying silly stuff like "Keisha is smart in school, but I dont know what got into RayQuan, he just dont want to learn or he's so bad in school."

Inspired from the book:
"The Developmental Psychology of The Black-Child"
by Prof. Amos N. Wilson

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