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checkbox (1K)Ending Race Discrimination in Institutional Reports and Studies


Not many seem to realize that race division is a daily endeavor in America each time they read an article or study based on race variables or complete an application. When those articles separate people by race and ethnic background, it is in fact a racist exploit. Somehow, too many people have become immune to these type reports and naively see them as harmless. But this is far from the truth.

When scholars claim that these type studies are used to understand race discrimination and is helping to defuse racism in America, this is nothing more than a sophisticated excuse to continue keeping race discrimination alive. If America were truly a color blind society, then race would not be a variable in defining the population according to lifestyle or ability; however, studies are broken up in race and ethnic groups such as white, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and "other" groupings.

Logically, there would be no need to learn the reasons behind race discrimination if race and ethnicity were not such a major determinant of human ability, progress, or habit. In other words, academic scholars and professional sociologists are using race division to openly practice race discrimination. As long as they can legitimately fabricate a way to separate and stereotype the races, this gives them a reason to exploit the differences in a public arena.

Polls, studies, and reports on Black/white/Hispanic variables feed the fuel of racial segregation in America and are used daily by news reporters, company marketing specialist, determinants of institutional acceptance and or disqualification, and even used to determine political and public policy as to who gets what and when and sets the bar in the judicial system. As long as researchers justify using race differences as a type of learning tool in bettering race relations, the results will always be used to exploit those differences.

Understanding racism is not hard. It does not nor will ever be understood using data from polls, surveys, or statistics, but is the direct result of individual preference. Polling by age, gender, and height is the same, it determines how to relate to those type people, but America's racial problem is not based on those variables but are rooted in the slavery of Black Africans, not the slavery of women, the elderly, or who is tallest.

Certain areas of racial development do not have to be measured against the differences of other ethnic groups because basic human nature makes all people equal at the starting point. But when scholars decide to partition the human element by race, they become confused as to when general humanity and personal or group prejudice needs to be separated. Intelligence is an example, along with other variables that are based more on individual ability than racial genetics. This, in itself raises the question of academic competence in American institutions that study and report on race.

If they cannot discern between the two - human nature and personal prejudice - but decide rather to insert their own personal preferences and experiences (which are learned through past inaccuracies of the same) into the results of a race-based study, then their intelligence remain in question of mental accuracy, let alone the qualification to do their jobs. Yet the case remains; if studies based on race are needed to understand racial discrimination in America, then race discrimination will never end, but is perpetual.



This petition is needed to end race discrimination in institutional reports and studies, PLEASE SIGN IT AND PASS IT AROUND.

In too many industries and institutions such as education, health, business, politics, and more, scholars and professionals use race as a tool to exploit minorities and maintain race superiority in America. How many times have you had to check the box of your ethnicity? ALL YOUR LIFE.

This simple check box determines your position in society as to how much of the American pie you will receive. Innocent as it may seem, it is the bases of race discrimination in banks, institutions of higher learning, medical institutions, business marketing industry and in politics. Your signature will help end this exploitation.


© Mar. 2008 By Afro Staff Courtesy of Black People Speak Survey & Research Center

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