Education  Thu September 21 2023
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public (1K)Public Schools

The public school system is in need of reform which will change how our children learn as well as think. Afromerica reports to the people what things we should know and what we can do to encourage that change... [Visit]

private (3K)Private Schools

If you agree that private schools offer a better education than public schools, then you are agreeing to the fact that religion plays a large part in the social, intellectual, and educational development of a child..... [Visit]

college (3K)Higher Learning

A college education is vital in today's society in order to compete or even to survive. The difference could mean literally poverty or success. Though it has become a necessity to earn a college degree, there are other alternatives to success in life that mainstream society does not stress..... [Visit]

college (3K)School Policies

Has the school system let our children down? American 8th graders ranked 19th out of 38 countries. Is this a reflection on U. S. Educational polices, organization, and standards? Or is this a consequence of America children's obsession with electronics or some other distraction or change in lifestyle?.....[Visit]

teachers (2K)Teachers

Now, more than ever, the public's attention is focused on teachers and the quality of instruction. Teachers are required to know and do more than ever before. Therefore, it is essential that they are well-prepared and supported throughout their careers..... [Visit]

Help Fight the School-To-Prison Pipeline
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students (3K)Students

A 1996 Children's Institute International Poll of American Adolescents revealed that 47 percent of all teens believed their schools were becoming more violent, 10 percent feared being shot or hurt by classmates carrying weapons to schools, and more than 20 percent were afraid to go to restrooms because these unsupervised areas were frequent sites of student victimization..... [Visit]

parents (4K)Parents

Parental envolvement in a child's education is vital not only for the child's self-esteem and confidence, but for the ability for that child to succeed in life. We encourage all parents, especially Blacks ones, to get involved..... [Visit]

speakeasy (1K)User Support System

We offer 3 different virtual user support systems as a regular service to anyone who may need support for their computer.

[Visit Now]

Submit Your Writings

We accept submissions of articles, short stories and novels. [Visit]

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