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hood (2K)Cyber Hate Anonymous: How the Internet Revealed the Depths of White Hatred and Racism

Why Black America believes Republicans only are the party of racial hatred is puzzling when the Internet has proven this wrong. Race hatred spreads across all political, economic, and social lines. We are not talking about white supremacists group websites or conservative talk show host and think tanks, but race hatred is most scary coming from universities, major corporations, and the prominent groups of people we once thought were intellectually above it all......[more]

virus (2K)Virus Detection Software

If you suspect that a virus may be involved in a computer problem, use a virus scan program to scan memory and the hard drive. Virus detection software, sometimes called anti-virus software, searches hard drives and disk, informs you of the presence of a virus, and ask permission before deleting it. Some warning signs that a virus is present are:.....[more]

SearchesSearch Engine Terms Whites Use for Blacks

There is a phase that goes "when you are sleeping, they are up thinking." Synonymous to this philosophy, the search terms googled or yahooed in by whites to get information on Blacks expose the minds of whites while many of us slumber through life unaware. Below are search engine terms found deep within the abyss of the cyber world that expose these thoughts.......[more]

Plug Ins
By Deborah Maisonet

You've probably noticed that just about any application of any significance these days has the capability to be expanded in some way. Usually these are called plug-ins, i.e.: Windows 2000, Outlook 2000, Active X, and Adobe Photoshop.........[more]

ebay (3K)How To Do It eBay
By Deborah Maisonet

eBay is the world's largest trading community where millions of people buy and sell millions of items every day. Most of the selling on eBay occurs in an auction or Buy It Now format. The person who chooses to Buy It Now or the person who placed the highest bid at the close of an auction gets the merchandise.........[more]

negro (3K)Black Voices, Africana Sell Out to American Propaganda

American propaganda upon the minds of Black America is in the making. The way Hitler got so much support and stood as long as he did was because he limited the people's access to other opinions. He used propaganda to indoctrinate the minds of the country to believe that every other country and their form of government, was evil...[more]

Dealing With Spyware
By Jim Neusom

It happens to the best of us and at sometime in the life of your Internet experiences it will happen to you .... a Spyware/Browser attack!......[more]

searchengines (3K)Digital Tidbits
By Deborah Maisonet

We've all heard the talk about how links pointing to your site are a very important part of search engine strategy; what you may not have heard are the details. You don't just need links, you need the right kind of links. Why are links important? For several reasons:..........[more]

desktop (2K)Biz Bytes
By Deborah Maisonet

In this rapidly changing information age, you are continually bombarded with the idea that you need to upgrade your hardware and software, or it will be obsolete. It seems that as soon as you have purchased and installed a new system, or some needed software, a new technology arrives to once again demand more of your hard-earned money..........[more]

blktech (3K)Blacks and Technology

The Internet information highway has thrown American and the world into another industrial type revolution. From computer programming and technology, information management, and Internet business communication to personal PCs and online home access, the computer age could threaten the progress of Black advancement unless we stress computer careers to our youth.........[more]

scientist (5K)Mad Scientist Rule the World

Going, Going, Clone!

Human intellect and dignity are being placed in jeopardy notwithstanding, the romance of "mad" scientist initiatives have finally erupted into full bloom. These days, one cannot turn on a television set without being bombarded with advertisements including everything from chemically "perfected" sexual stimulants, to chemically "invincible" contraceptives, to chemically "forgiving" supplements for herpes, all to allow continued activity........[more]

pc2 (2K)Five Questions on Buying a Computer

Buying a personal computer and acquiring Internet access can be a confusing task. There is an overwhelming and often confusing array of options - rebates, "free" PC offers and Internet "devices," to name just a few. With so many offers to choose from, it's important to understand what to look for.

Here are five key questions to ask before purchasing a computer and signing up for Internet service:.......[more]

How To Complain About Spam
By Alex Housley

At the moment, spamming is not illegal, although the contents the actual Spam messages may violate a state or federal law. Other Spam messages may violate the spammer's contract with his Internet Service Provider, or else cause enough harm to a third party to warrant a civil lawsuit. As well as wasting a lot of time and money (estimated cost to all Internet users this year is $255 million), the web is actually running into bottlenecks on servers carrying Spam to the ill-fated recipient.......[more]

linuxbird (2K)Choosing Linux over Windows Operating System

Have you ever considered that there maybe another operating system other than Windows 98, 2000, or XP? Well, there is, and we are not talking about Macintosh; we are talking Linux. Please, do not let that word scare the crap out of you; Linux is not as scary as Windows people would have you to believe. In fact, it has gotten user-friendlier over the years and right now is at its best for a desktop system......[more]

Computers are now a normal part of our daily lives. From administration of corporations, to government operations to small businesses to home users and the Internet, computers have taken over how we do business and communicate throughout the world.

Afromerica gives simple pointers to new and advanced users of computers in areas of software operation, hardware operation, Internet accessibility and more. You can ask questions about how to do something by posting to the board.

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