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skull (4K)Anti-American Sentiment

A new revelation of anti-American sentiment laid to the charge of "the Black church" by mainstream media has shocked many newscasters and politicians as well as many average Americans alike, throwing their whole universe out of orbit. But let it be known, this sentiment comes not only from the Black church, but from all over the country and world. Surprise!....[more]

The Ideal and the Reality, Is the Future Really The future?
M. Bennett Hooper

Robert Kaplan in his book, "The Coming Anarchy" lends credence to an age old philosophical view of Pliny (23-79AD) who quoted an ancient Greek saying "Ex Africa semper aliquid novi" (Out of Africa always comes something new). This seems apropos as we venture to look at what the coming years may portend for mankind in the twenty-first century....[more]

flagburn (4K)Why America is Hated: A Worldview of the United States

The United States - considered an extension of the Western world - is under constant scrutiny by other countries. In relation to economic and foreign political policy, technological advancement, military strength, and cultural trends, there are strengths and weaknesses in America's image and impact around the world....[more]

male (1K)'Gay Cancer' and the Man-Made Origin of AIDS - Part 1
2006 by Alan Cantwell, M.D

Twenty-five years ago in June 1981 a new epidemic of transmissible cancer, in the form of Kaposi's sarcoma, was uncovered in young gay American men with acquired immune deficiency disease (AIDS). In 1984 the cause of AIDS was determined to be a new virus called HIV (the human immunodeficiency virus), now considered to be "the sole cause of AIDS."....[more]

A Lesson from the Mother Land

The following article from, written by an opinionist reveals the mindset of the African public on the issue of homosexuality. This lifestyle is accepted more in the West than anywhere in the world and cultures in which this lifestyle is infiltrating still have the ability to stop it before it chokes their moral base. Black America should take heed and think back to what life is really all about.....[more]

africapageant1 (43K)Miss Africa International Pageant

The Miss Africa International pageant was established a few years ago to inspire a renewed interest in Africa and promote its cultures. Contestants are required to speak on issues relevant to Africa......[more]

Finding A Cure For The Acute Negro-Psychosis
by JahPaint

As a people who not only have been robbed of our land but also robbed of our soul, the first priority on the pathway of liberation has to be REDISCOVERY OF SELF. Failure to rediscover self means that we will continue to play the game of life with the cards that white oppressors have craftily marked in their favor......[more]

viola (151K)History of Bellydance
By Zareena

I am like many women who began the study of Bellydance out of curiosity and to seek a new and different exercise form. I was 31 when I took my first class, not knowing consciously at that time that I would make an immediate and deep spiritual connection with the movements and music.......[more]

ashamed (1K)The "Whites More Likely To" Series

Recently, Afromerica published some articles on the weakest areas of white America...The articles were met with some resentment from white readers and Internet browsers. One email - the nastiest email - reads thus.......[more]

Can't You Hear That Alarm?

Destiny, Destiny.... is calling! It seems our people have fallen asleep, over the prospects of re-encompassing their own Creator-given rights to dignity as a People, and as innate members of the Human Family..........[more]

Rastafari (5K)Rastafari
by Pat Hartman

Rastafari is a movement of Black people who know Africa as the birthplace of Mankind and the throne of Emperor Haile Selassie I -- a 20th Century Manifestation of God who has lighted our pathway towards righteousness, and is therefore worthy of reverence.........[more]

queen (3K)Afrikan Queen-Goddess

My dear beloved Black Woman, the crown of my soul, I must let you know that there are some Black Men who still find it worthy and noble to bow to you. You who have gone through so much pain and degradation and I might add unjustly so.........[more]

flagburning (2K)America: Love, Hate, Tolerate

September 11 pealed back a layer of the American image that either exposed her dark secrets to the world or confirmed some. Foreign and domestic relations within and without the country were tried by fire. And when the fire tries any entity, it will emerge either polished or extremely damaged. The events of 9/11 awoke America from a slumber, which sent forth a rallying cry for patriotism, stirred the scrutiny in cynics, and drew concern from the indifferent........[more]

The Greatness of Western Civilization - and an Afro Rebuttal

Brothers and Sisters - the Afro mind of BW Hamilton will rebut this article written about "The Greatness of Western Civilization." The reason Afromerica will rebut this theory of Euro-ethnocentric ideology is to strengthen the Black mind by way of knowing what the other "man" ponders daily when he looks at you. We ecounrage you to add to the concept.......[more]


Other countries have different cultural lifestyles from that of America. In the Lifestyle's section, we will study those cultures in order to get familiar with a lifestyle other than our own.

Too many times we hear how much poorer other countries are compared to ours but we rarely hear the good and positive things about other cultures. There is more to life than what we see everyday and there are many more lifestyles that we should become familiar with. Here you will learn those lifestyles.

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