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whitevoice (3K)Puttin’ On the White Voice

How many times have you found yourself ‘Puttin on the white voice,’ when speaking with someone white or in a position of what you feel is of importance? Unconsciously, more Blacks than not will change dialect at post conversation in order to appear intelligible to whites; the question is why.....[more]

Keep Your Damn Apologies!

A Black pundit recently commented on the Fox News network that when a writer begins name-calling in his or her articles, they lose all credibility with the reader. Well for those who hold his sentiments, you might as well go to another article now......[more]

Black Names

Recent studies attempt to prove that Blacks with names such as Keisha, Jamal, or Natasha are discriminated against when an employer is browsing through a pile of resumes or job applications. Many suggest that Blacks who have those names are profiled and not getting a second look, the employer supposing the person carries a negative stereotype that comes with the name.......[more]

Illiteracy Does Not Necessarily Mean Unintelligent

When the white man uses the term "illiterate" to describe certain people, it is usually meant from a derogatory standpoint in reference to underdeveloped peoples, the third world and African nations, and more specific, some minority Americans who are of a darker hue. Nevertheless, remember that Webster is their Bible.......[more]

The Language Barrier

Controversy has sparked over the way Blacks handle the "King's English." Even now, one of our own has publicly proclaimed the shortcomings of urban teens and some adults and how they talk. This criticism should not be surprising to anyone seeing how white America will use any tactic they can to demoralize Blacks.......[more]

Reverse Racism: The Big White Lie

Before delving into this topic let us first define "racism." According to Webster (the epitome and author of white racism), racism means:

1: belief that certain races of men are by birth and nature superior to others 2a: discrimination against the members of one or more races based on racism b: race hatred and discrimination.

By the end of this essay we will have dismantled the concept of "reverse racism" and proved it to be a phrase concocted by the act of self-centeredness, arrogance, and the very essence of racism itself. And will ask all Black-Americans to totally ignore such a concept when hearing or reading about it simply because Blacks cannot ever be considered racist in a society where we will probably never have the means to act on this belief the way it was [en] acted upon us......[more]

Learning Spanish is a Money Maker

Because of the nation's huge increase in the Hispanic population, more U.S. citizens are learning to speak Spanish. Many believe that it is almost becoming a necessity.

The school systems are the most pressured institutions in the country, which need more Spanish speaking teachers and a plan to develop a curriculum that addresses a growing number of Hispanic students....[more]

Language - the principal means used by human beings to communicate with one another. Language is primarily spoken, although it can be transferred to other media, such as writing.

Source, Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2001. 1993-2000 Microsoft Corporation.

Afromerica will address the topic of Language as a means to emphasize the importance of communication over cultural lines and between various generations. This is not a course on learning another language, but a lesson on words and their meanings, as in context, emphasis, and interpretation.

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