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obama (1K)Standing Taller Than America

They say a man's friends determine his character. If this is true then it should be easy to see who has the most racial tolerance in America as well as why America has so many enemies. The mainstream media has been attempting to prove guilt by association and blur the lines between Barak Obama and Rev Jeremiah Wright, whom they claim is a racist, but in his March 18 speech, Obama undermined that weak divisive attempt using a political tactic no white man can comprehend nor has ever used in American history; an attempt at racial unity.....[more]

museum (10K)The Uncle Tom Millennium Museum of African American History

A Millennium Uncle Tom is a Black person who is encouraged by money via donations, contributions, or corporate sponsorship or promised media attention, to say things about Black people and or support causes against the best interest of Black people that whites would otherwise lose their jobs for or be marked as a racist. The grand opening of the Uncle Tom Millennium Museum of African America History starts at the beginning of February every year from this point during the so-called Black History month to honor all Uncle Toms for their outstanding performances as sell-outs and turncoats to Black America and its struggle for liberation from American white supremacist oppression.....[more]

africa2 (3K)Africa By Design: Mankind's Last Civilization
Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Why was Africa the last continent to be developed? Wait a minute, you ask, who said that Africa was the last continent to be developed? Haven't you (that is, I) heard of the great Egyptian, Nubian and Ethiopian civilizations, were they not African civilizations? Haven't you heard of Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Congo, Ashanti, Oyo, Dahomey, Benin, Buganda and other African civilizations? I have heard about them....[more]

catmouse (2K)How the Elite Plays God
By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Like a cat toying with a mouse, the elite teases us with glimpses of our true predicament. One such peek was the 1998 movie The Truman Show directed by Peter Weir. Truman Burbank, played by Jim Carrey, is unaware his life is a live reality TV show. Everyone, including his wife, is an actor, and everything that happens is staged. In other words, his life is a fraud....[more]

pyramids (2K)Africans Studied Astronomy in Medieval Times
By Christine Eke
Submission By I-khan

Africans studied astronomy in medieval times, according to an acclaimed South African astronomer who is researching old manuscripts that record the works of scholars from around Africa....[more]

historychannel (23K)The History Channel Lies About History

For some strange reason, historians of the West in cahoots with media giants have decided that people and events in history should reflect a European semblance based on a European agenda, even from the beginning creation of the world and humanity. While watching the History channel or any cable channel that reflects on historic events, one would think there were no other people alive or that any and every advancement made in the world would not have happened if Europe were nonexistent....[more]

obasanjo (2K)Letter to President Olusegun Obasanjo
By Mankind Olawale Oyewumi

Silence, like treachery, is wickedness. Inaction is tall treason against reason. What we support or frown against, we must learn to say and aid with principled volubility and decisiveness. The reward is neither glory, nor the punishment grave. It is clean conscience which no wealth commensurate.....[more]

AmericasIllegitimate America

Grasp for a moment if you will, the fact that the continents of America do not lawfully nor justifiably belong to American-whites or Britain. Essentially and naturally, the continents belong to the indigenous peoples of the land. Euro-whites merely looted the Americas and other countries fulfilling their conquest of world imperialism...[more]

The Stones of Tears Project
Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III

slavecastles (21K)The objective of Chief Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III and the SUCARDIF Organization is to raise public knowledge and awareness of the Slave Castles dungeons of Ghana West Africa, (pictured left) their significance in history of time and have them recognized as the last remaining monuments of our pass History the slave trade on African soil. It is called Project Never we Forget....[more]

africanslave (3K)The Break with the African Background
Quote from E. Franklin Frazier

In studying any phase of the character and development of the social and cultural life of the Negro in the United States, one must recognize from the beginning that because of the manner in which the Negroes were captured in Africa and enslaved, they were particularly stripped of their social heritage....[more]

shackles (21K)Africans Kings and the Slave Trade

Whites have resorted to using the "African kings sold Africans into slavery" theory to level off the Mid-Atlantic slave trade in order to transfer some of the guilt of slavery to African leaders and Blacks in America, and to argue the point of not paying reparations. Many blacks themselves have accepted this half-baked theory in defense of their modern day slave owners and would uphold the idiotic notion that whites are not totally to blame for slavery....[more]

The Manipulation of Black Power

In his conquest to unite his people and to establish and maintain Zulu power in South Africa, Shaka Zulu, the great African King and Warrior, became ensnared in a battle of self-acquisition and foreign influence and invasion of his country by the European. Eventually, Shaka fell and relinquished both unity of the people and control of South Africa......[more]

blkseminoles (34K)Black Seminoles
By Pam Davis

Scattered throughout the Southwest and into Northern Mexico, descendants of the Black Seminoles and Maroons are living in this modern world today. Over one hundred years ago, the U.S. government seemed determined to systematically eliminate the Native Americans and manipulate the descendants of the Black slaves. That imperialistic attitude allowed the policies of the U.S. government to treat groups of people with less respect and concern than they treated their livestock.......[more]

wilson (10K)Afro Series on Dr. Amos Wilson

"The oppressed and downtrodden, having been traumatized by the abuse of power by their powerful oppressors, often come to perceive power itself as inherently evil, as by nature corrupting and therefore as something to be eschewed, denied and renounced........[more]

blkhistory (3K)Black History Month Keeps the Negro Passive

Each February, "African-Americans" and their counterparts "white-Americans", force feed Blacks facts and information about what we have accomplished in American history. For the next month, watch the white-owned Black sites and pacified Black sites pay homage to a politically correct past........[more]

Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World

Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL)(1887-1940)

Drafted and adopted at Convention held in New York, 1920, over which Marcus Garvey presided as Chairman, and at which he was elected Provisional President of Africa........[more]

The Puritans, and The Myth of Democracy
By Steven Malik Shelton

The history of American democracy is shrouded in fabrication and myth. In an almost Orwellian exclusion of the truth, books are written, documentaries are composed, and texts are presented to students in school, projecting an image of a country that was founded on the noble principles of justice and equal opportunity for all........[more]

nyerere (2K)Profile: Julius Nyerere - Tanzania's "Teacher"

Although Julius Kambarage Nyerere served as the first President of the United Republic of Tanzania for over twenty years, he shunned the titles typically bestowed upon heads of state. Instead of Mtukufu (His Majesty) or Mheshimiwa (Honorable), Nyerere preferred the appellations of Mwalimu (Teacher) and Ndugu (Comrade). Nyerere refused to live in a palatial residence subsidized by his government, preferring his own small house for himself and his family.............[more]

shaka (2K)Shaka Zulu: A Strategy Remembered

In 1786 Nandi gave birth to Chaka. His father Senzangakona was at the time Zulu King. At an early age Chaka's father drove him and his mother into exile. They took refuge with a rival tribe, where he grew up in the home of Ngomane, who was made second in military command when Chaka rose to power.............[more]

malcolmX (4K)Malcolm X Speaks: `It's The Ballot Or The Bullet'
By Malcolm X., in the Militant, Vol. 60, no. 35

The following are excerpts from "The Ballot or the Bullet," a speech Malcolm X gave on April 3, 1964, at the Cory Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. The meeting, sponsored by the Cleveland chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality, took the form of a symposium entitled "The Negro Revolt - What Comes Next?" The speech is contained in Malcolm X Speaks, published by Pathfinder. It is copyright Pathfinder Press. The excerpts are reprinted by permission............[more]

nativeamer (2K)The Rape of the True America

The America in which we currently live is not the true America; it is the pseudo-materialization of Euro-culture and imperialism. The true America was originally a paradise inhabited by a people intertwined with nature, ruled by the gods of life. The tribes of original America consisted of the Aleuts, the Cherokee, the Zuni, Sioux, Mohawk, Aztec, and Inca peoples, before the coming of Westerners obsessed with greed...........[more]

rustin (2K)Bayard Rustin
The Undeclared Civil Rights Leader

Today's Blacks seem to remember only Civil Rights leaders that have gained notoriety from the media or of their popularity. I have no reason to discredit any of the contributions or efforts black leaders have made to obtain equality. Unfortunately, we have allowed ourselves to reduce the contributions for some, which in many ways were the forerunners of the entire movement that dates as far back as the beginning of the Second World War..........[more]

slaves (2K)The Willie Lynch Letter
By Willie Lynch

This speech was delivered by a white slave owner, William Lynch on the bank of the James River in 1712. What is so ironic is that the strategy planned by this man passed on to slaves masters continues to work in many areas of Black America today.........[more]

albertcleage_110 (5K)Albert Cleage

During the 1960s, many religious leaders, led by Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam, sharply criticized the methods and advances claimed by the civil rights movement. By far the most vocal Christian minister advocating a more radical approach to obtaining civil rights was Albert Cleage, Jr........[more]

frazie (7K)E. Franklin Frazier:
The Man and His Intellectual Legacy
By James E. Teele


E. Franklin Frazier's legacy to African-Americans consists of his path-breaking work in two areas: the Negro Family, and the Negro Community.......[more]

African-American Proverbs from the Ex-enslaved

On repeated occasions, slaves related stories that indicate the importance of disguising their communications using social metaphors and coded speech when in the company of slave owners. Down through the years these proverbs became imbedded into the heart of the Black community and came to mean various things as pertaining to life, love, family, and home. Here are a few:.....[more]

History - The study of the past. From the dawn of civilization to the last decade in American society, we will examine the trends and changes that brought us to where we are today.

People and places, events and turning points in the world, what we see happen in the past will always effect what we will do tomorrow.

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