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White America's Damned Country

It has become comical to watch white America broadcast from their supremacist media posts reruns of Jeremiah Wright's sermon as a method to instill fear and doubt into the minds of propagandized whites in an attempt to destroy Barak Obama. You know the ones, the whites who are proud American "gun-totting Christians" - the oxymoron of the new millennium - and who are spellbound each year by the antics of American Idol yet are incapable of deciding on a president......[more]

workers (39K)Restraining the White Male Power Structure

The 2008 election looks like an animated tale of the nineteen sixties war against the white male power structure. While Blacks anticipate the hope of another social and historical breakthrough, women are themselves seemingly seeking a higher level of recognition, and white males are standing on the brink of losing a little more power to the minority sector of American society......[more]

usafrica (3K)The United States of Africa - Revisited 2007
By Mark Wood

We are days away from the formation of a United States of Africa and Africa's leaders and the African Union MUST NOT BE AFRAID to unite as one nation and declare themselves a United States of Africa......[more]

America, Britain, Merging as One

Has anyone notice that over the last 10-20 years, more British norms have subtly crept into American lifestyle, and vise-versa? From fashion and music to business, news and public policy, it is becoming harder to tell where America ends and Britain begins......[more]

home_gatsbyad-320x100 (35K)Corrupt Democracy Breeds Racism

Two of the G8 countries, Japan and Germany, obviously resent giving debt relief to African countries, referring to African leaders and the people as "childlike" But what type disposition should people expect when thievery, arrogance, and hypocrisy are the driving motives of a governmental system......[more]

imperialism (2K)A New Scramble for Africa

A new "Scramble for Africa" is taking place among the world's big powers, who are tapping into the continent for its oil and diamonds. Tony Blair is pushing hard for African debt relief agreements in the run-up to the G8 summit in Scotland in July. But while sub-Saharan Africa is the object of the west's charitable concern, billions of pounds' worth of natural resources are being removed from it.....[more]

africa2 (3K)The United States of Africa
By Mark Wood

The founding of the "USA for USAFRICA" movement calls for nothing less than the formation and conception of a "United States of Africa" as a way to insure the survival of a pivotal continent in the development and history of Mankind......[more]

china (2K)The White Man's Relationship with the Yellow Man

We know how the white power structure of the world feels about the Black man (Africans), and the Red man (Indians) and the Olive man (Middle Easterners), and we can basically measure those relationships by how the West deals with those certain cultures; however how much do we know about the white man's relationship with the Yellow man?.....[more]

A History Timeline of Population Control - I
By Robert Howard

The following excerpt was taken from an outline of a Government Project: The Wildlands Project.

...Humanity must drastically scale down its industrial activities on Earth, change its consumption lifestyles, stabilize and then reduce the size of the human population by humane means, and protect and restore wild ecosystems and the remaining wildlife on the planet." The Wildlands Project........[more]

How America Creates Poverty

The argument for the strength of America's opportunistic system continually neglects to include government paternalism, which is the foremost cause of poverty in America. Whenever the government intrudes into the private lives of its citizens with no clear-cut plan to eliminate poverty, but only as a means to address a crisis, the result is usually poverty for the victim............[more]

Warning Signs of Fascism

Below is an informal correspondence from an inquiring mind to an apparent mentor. The issue concerns the theory of fascism and how to answer someone who attributes this ideology to the society in which we live..........[more]

The Impending Division of the United States

What are the Red, White, and Blue without the White? This past election ironically foretold the future of America. Though the Republican Party won by a near margin of 2% of the American vote, this means that 49% of Americans voters voted Democrat. This was the same scenario as in the 2000 election. Clearly, America is divided, and a nation divided will not stand...........[more]

imperialism (2K)The Difference between Freedom and Imperialism

American patriotism assumes that a citizen of the United States concur with the idea of setting free a nation or group of people that the American government would define as oppressed under a cruel and communistic dictator of that country. Oppression under a dictatorial regime would mean the country's ruler is either committing genocide against his own people - by killing massive amounts of them, a form of "indentured servitude," or blatantly ignoring the needs of a certain people within that country..........[more]

leavehome (3K)Black America Leaves Home

At some point, a child must leave home and prepare a life for him or herself; thus is the situation of Black America. How long can children - long after they have left home - continue to leach from the parents? Black politicians who fight for the causes of Black America constantly petition, lobby, and beg the American government for programs, laws and policies that will make life better for the Black masses, whom they claim to represent.......[more]

blkpower (2K)The Black America that Could Have Been

Losing sight of the struggle for progress has become increasingly noticeable across the spectrum of Black America, young and old. All too often we get caught up in our own lives and forget that the plight for Black advancement is an ongoing crusade. Viewing the struggle from the current perspective one would be inclined to believe all is well, however, viewing it from a historical realm would place everything in its proper perspective. The following lecture recaptures the struggle for Black advancement from the 1920s unto this day........[more]

America and the Stages of a Democracy

America's position in the world exceeds all other countries in terms of industrial development, technological advancement, prosperity, and military strength. In fact, America's leaders, echoed by their patriotic followers, proclaim to the world that the United States is the best country in the world to live. Political and media pundits brag on the opportunities America hands to the immigrant, fulfilling dreams of success not reachable in "poorer" more "underdeveloped" countries........[more]

healthsystem (2K)Systems of Guaranteed Health Care

The United States is the only industrialized nation that doesn't have an extensive system of government guaranteed health services. Although the details of their systems vary, all industrialized countries other than the United States have a system of health care that guarantees benefits to all their residents......[more]

An Analysis of Capitalism

Capitalism is a term applied to economic systems in which individual persons or private corporations develop, own, and control much of a country's physical capital. Capitalism is also referred to as a Free-Market System, where individuals are free to decide what products to produce, how to produce them, whom to sell them to, and at what price to sell them. Thus, they have the chance to succeed - or fail - by their own efforts......[more]

An Analysis of Communism

In an historical sense, communism refers to all doctrines that propose a new social order in which everyone will hold property in common and there will be no private property. In recent years, communism has come to mean only the doctrine and practice of the Communist party in Russia and other countries......[more]


The early empires of the world were great kingdoms and governments that stood thousands of years and went through many rulers, kings and queens. A rich history of these kingdoms will be studied here and how we, and future generations can learn from the past.

The strategies used then to rule nations and states can be examined and applied to the way today's society could or should function. We will analyze the various government theories and structures that advanced ancient civilizations onto what we know today.

"To the size of states there is a limit" Aristotle.

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