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lagos (27K)Cities of our Future

Growing businesses and economy, universities that graduate students who see the world as a place of opportunity awaiting them to solve problems of humanity, address crises in fields of science, medicine, politics, and social and cultural relations without regard to race or color, this blossoming social powerhouse is a city becoming more fiscally and socially sound than Detroit, St. Louis, or Miami, Florida. Meet Nairobi, Kenya......[more]

americas (3K)Europeans Should Go Home to Europe

Black Americans should defend themselves against ignorant attacks from whites and any others who would condescendingly demand that Blacks return to African if they do not like America; contrary, America rightfully belongs to the indigenous peoples, and whites are the true foreigners.......[more]

aborigines (3K)The Aborigines are not Exempt from Western Degradation

Reports of worldwide humiliation run rampant in western media as mainstream journalist slam the lives of Australia's oldest occupiers of the large pacific island. The Aborigines are not exempt from the racist undertones thrown by Caucasians at people of color. Like peacocks strutting proudly, every US media outlet raced to shame a people who are nothing more than victims of western oppression and racism.......[more]

warming (1K)Afromerica on Global Warming

First of all, we believe that this is all political, not geological. It is a ‘Democrats hate Republicans and corporate capitalist venture” war that include liberal university scientist paid by liberal interest groups such as environmentalist to put pressure on big business, which in turn will tax the people more. We agree that the earth change cycles overtime, but not because of what humanity does. There earth is too big to absorb any impact from humans.......[more]

Black People of Mother Africa Need Whites to Get the Hell Out!:
Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts On Laura Bush's Tour to Mother Africa

Yes, certainly all of this superficial concern is the main problem and not the problem solving solution! It equals or constitutes nothing more than a phony baloney display of affection and concern. Thus, is a deep mental state Rationalization, Self-deception and Gross Distortion of reality.......[more]

aboriginals (244K)Plight of the Australian Aboriginals

The plight of the Australian Aborigines testify to the challenges people of color around the world face against the powers of Western and European imperialism. Like many other cultures subjugated to genocidal methods of the West, the Aborigines confront their oppressors voicing many of the same concerns as Black Americans, Indians, and Africans. Below is a recent account of their struggle and afterward a history of the Aborigine culture.....[more]

No Ocean Wide Enough: Blacks Oppressed in Britain Too

Reading the Black Britain website is like reading any Black website in the US. It appears that Blacks in Britain are facing the same extent of bigotry that Blacks in America are. Thus, one simple question arises to our brothers and sisters here in America who believe race relations is all good, can this resemblance of racism across the great Atlantic be used to further prove that oppression against Black people will obviously never die, and in fact is intensifying?.......[more]

china2 (1K)China Rising

The United States is facing a rising crises the mainstream media has neglected to report; that China poses a possible threat to the States concerning the future world power and domination. Below is a continued study of the white man's relationship with the Yellow man. In this study, we look at the current crises the world is facing on a global scale..........[more]

"1999": 101

I tremble at my country when I reflect that God is just.
--Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President and enslaver of Afrikan people.

Be careful that we don't get it twisted. I hope we're all watchin the news concerning world events, because we could be witnessing some very dangerous but interesting times in the coming years, months, weeks or days. Escalating gas prices, legal secretive arrests, the constant fall of the American dollar and what appears to be this ever more drenching of new television shows to keep people distracted...........[more]

holocaust (3K)The European/American HIV Holocaust

The HIV/AIDS epidemic that has plagued Blacks in Africa and now America is realistically comparable to the Holocaust led by the Nazi Party of Germany. The motives and general intensions mimic one another too closely to leave any doubt, since the American white man is simply an extension of the European breed...........[more]

Announcing a new title:

Godfrey Mwakikagile, Relations Between Africans and African Americans: Misconceptions, Myths and Realities (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA: National Academic Press, 2005), 302 pages, softcover edition. $12.95. Email:

This work looks at relations between Africans and African Americans from the perspective of an African, and of shared perceptions on both sides of the Atlantic. Incorporated into the analysis are stories of individuals who have interacted, worked and lived with members of both groups in Africa and in the United States, including the author himself. Stereotypes and misunderstandings of each other constitute an integral part of this study, explained from both perspectives, African and African-American...........[more]

The Black Arab: History Unfolds Many Truths
Arielle Choy - From Ontario Canada

I was once told by an Arab supremacist that Black people must suffer for the world, justified by religious institutions and politics, and he went to say how as Blacks, we must protect ourselves, for we are deemed to be created for the purposes of slavery and sexual exploitation............[more]

ankh (1K)Ankh: The Original Cross

The Ankh is defined as: The symbolic representation of both Physical and Eternal life. It is known as the original cross, which is a powerful symbol that was first created by Africans in Ancient Egypt...........[more]

First, Second, Third World Ideology

In the period after World War II, many commentators spoke of three worlds, or styles of development: the first world consisted of the wealthy capitalist, democratic countries of Western Europe and the United States; the second world of Russia and its eastern European allies, with their Communist Party states; and the third world of poorer nations, such as Islamic and African countries, just emerging from colonization and now seeking their appropriate place in the world..........[more]

Imperialism By A Checkmark

When checking your race and ethnicity on an application, you have five choices according to the government agency for Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity. The racial subcultures in America are collectively divided according to national origin, as nature would suggest, and anyone could look at the races of the world and separate them with no problem. The shades of Black, white, red, along with facial features and physical stature, should make the task that much easier. But for the United States government the task may have proven to be a bit too advanced.........[more]

excision (12K)Excision: A Polemic That Hides Cultural Imperialism
By Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

Opponents have dubbed the practice "genetial mutilation" and insist that its purpose is to oppress female sexuality. For the first time, a Traditional African Priest tells it like it is: the purpose, meaning and tradition of excision........[more]

childpoverty (3K)Save the Children: What About Our Children?

You have seen the commercials and infomercials about "Saving the Children" in poor countries such as some African countries, and the pictures they show of impoverished children and villages that lack food. And you have heard the sponsor's cry for 40 - 80 cents a day (the cost of a cup of coffee) to send and support these villages and children, and many people actually wonder if the money ever gets to the people in those villages, or how much can your small cents do for the people. This is the perception of a channel-clicking view. But have you ever thought deeply about this humanitarian campaign?.......[more]

Geographics - The scientific study of the earth's climate, products, and inhabitants, which we will take into a deeper realm by learning about how certain people live in their environment, how countries survive day-to-day, and how more prosperous countries, such as the U.S. - can actually help make the world a better place.

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