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geographics (5K)Geographics

The scientific study of the earth's climate, resources, and inhabitants, taken into a deeper realm by learning about how certain people live in their environment, how countries survive day-to-day, and how to make the world a better place through unity... [Visit]

government (3K)Government

The early empires of the world were great kingdoms and governments that stood thousands of years and went through many rulers, kings and queens. A rich history of these kingdoms will be studied here and how we, and future generations can learn from the past.... [Visit]

history (3K)History

The study of the past. From the dawn of civilization to the last decade in American society, we will examine the trends and changes that brought us to where we are today. People and places, events and turning points in the world always effect what we will do tomorrow.... [Visit]

graffiti (4K)Language

Afromerica will address the topic of Language as a means to emphasize the importance of communication over cultural lines and between various generations. This is not a course on learning another language, but a lesson on words and their meanings, as in context, emphasis, and interpretation..... [Visit]

lifestyle (3K)Lifestyle

Too many times we hear how much poorer other countries are compared to ours but we rarely hear the good and positive things about other cultures. There is more to life than what we see everyday and there are many more lifestyles that we should become familiar with. Here you will learn those lifestyles...... [Visit]

culture (67K)

tech (2K)Technology

Computers are now a normal part of our daily lives. From administration of corporations, to government operations, small businesses, home users and the Internet, computers have taken over how we do business and communicate throughout the world... [Visit]

Take Action Against Oppression
minority2 (41K)

speakeasy (1K)User Support System

We offer 3 different virtual user support systems as a regular service to anyone who may need support for their computer.

[Visit Now]

Submit Your Writings

We accept submissions of articles, short stories and novels. [Visit]

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